Team Global Express Service Announcement | Permanent Collections Xmas Shutdown Period

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Permanent Collections will be Suspended

Team Global Express (TGE) has notified us that all permanent collections will be temporarily suspended from 27th December 2023 to 7th January 2024 inclusive. This will affect Shippit account users, BYO customers using TGE Priority, and BYO customers usingTGE IPEC.


What if I have a BYO TGE Account with Shippit?

For those BYO customers that would normally have to book collections through the MyTeamGE platform, Shippit has got you covered. During this period Shippit’s system will enable automatic pickup requests to go through to MyTeamGE, so that you don’t have to do it manually. This facilitates ad-hoc collections only, so if you have any special requirements or wish for your permanent pick-ups to continue, please contact your TGE account manager directly before 1st December.


I am a non-BYO Shippit user, Is there anything I need to do?

Absolutely nothing, Shippit has got you covered!

One of the value-adds of using our technology is that we automatically make bookings on our carrier’s platforms so that you don’t need to do the heavy lifting in times like this.

Ad-hoc collections will continue as normal over this temporary shutdown period on days outside public holidays. Permanent collections will resume on January 8 2023. 


For further questions, support and feedback, please contact us at our Help Centre.

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