Getting started with Shippit and WiX is super simple, as Shippit is now available on the WiX App Marketplace! 

You can begin the process by integrating either from within your WiX account, or within Shippit - wherever you feel most comfortable.

Follow the below guides to get started.


Installing from WiX

Installing from Shippit

Configuring Shipping Methods & Syncing Orders

Orders tab

Fulfillments tab

Order Sync History

Manual Order Import




Installing from within WiX



  1. While logged into your WiX store, in the left-hand panel head to Apps > Manage Apps
  2. Search for Shippit and select “Install
  3. At this stage you will be required to provide authorisation for Shippit to access information and manage orders relating to your WiX store. Select “Agree & Add”.


  4. You will now be prompted to ‘Setup your shipping methods’. Click here to head to the next steps.


Installing from within Shippit

  1. While logged into your Shippit account, head to the top-right of your screen and click the downward arrow
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. On the left-hand panel, select Integrations
  4. From the platform icons on the right-hand side of your screen, select WiX
  5. You will be prompted to select your WiX store to connect to Shippit
    Please note that only one WiX store can be configured to a single Shippit account at a time.
  6. You will now be prompted to ‘Setup your shipping methods’. Click here to head to the next steps.


Configuring Shipping Methods & Syncing Orders

At this stage, you will need to link-up your WiX shipping methods to an appropriate Shippit Service Type.

Provided you have historical orders on your WiX account placed within the previous 30 days, Shippit will suggest a selection of ‘Shippit Service Types’ to match those that you have currently available.  If these aren’t correct straight off the bat, simply use the ‘Shippit Service Type’ dropdown menu to map your preferred service to the WiX Shipping Method.

Alternatively if all of your current WiX shipping methods do not appear, or if you do not have a previous history of orders within WiX, then you can manually define your shipping methods following the completion of the initial installation. Click here for more information on this process.


When you are happy with the mapping selection, you have a couple of options:

  • Save & Sync Open Orders: use this option if you would like to get going with Shippit’s services straight away by syncing all open orders to our platform.
  • Save & Complete Setup: select this option if you aren’t quite ready to send all open orders straight through to Shippit just yet (this can be done down the track if you need to make a few last minute tweaks).

And that’s it for your set-up - congrats! You will be taken straight into the Shippit platform, onto the ‘New Orders’ page.

If you previously chose to map your current open orders, you will see them appear on this screen, otherwise you will be met by the ‘no orders here’ screen.


Orders Tab

There are several settings available to merchants that allow you control around the synchronisation of orders from WiX into Shippit - these can be found in the ‘Orders’ tab.


Auto-Sync New Orders

This setting dictates whether new orders placed within WiX are automatically synced across to Shippit platform, and can be toggled ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with the associated drop-down menu.

  • Yes: All new orders will be synced automatically into Shippit, provided they have a successful payment method applied (payment received or invoice issued by a member of your team)
  • No: New orders within WiX will be ignored and will not sync to Shippit automatically. This will require you to head into Shippit and either utilise the ‘Order Sync’ tool to manually sync orders, or input orders manually within the Shippit platform.



Shipping Method Mapping Modification

During the initial set-up of your WiX - Shippit integration, you would have been prompted to configure your ‘Shipping Method Mapping’, which is the process of mapping your WiX shipping methods to the appropriate service level within Shippit.

Within the orders tab you are able to review, change or delete any of these at any time.


You may choose to map your WiX Shipping Methods to either a general Shippit Service Type, with the options being*: 

  • Standard
  • Express
  • On-Demand
  • Click and Collect

*note: if you do not have access to a particular service level or carrier, then orders will automatically be re-assigned to Standard shipping.


If you require an option for your customers to operate outside of Shippit’s platform, then we also have an option at the bottom of the list: 

  • Don’t send to Shippit

Using this option will prevent the order in question from syncing to Shippit.

You may also prefer to stick with a specific carrier(s) depending on your specific shipping needs. You will find the full list of carrier options directly beneath the general Service Types.

Important note: the ability to utilise some carriers listed will require you to have an active account with them. Please ensure that your Shippit Carrier Settings are up to date - for more information please check out our Help Centre, or reach out to our helpful Support team for further guidance.


Fulfillments tab

Within the Fulfillments tab, you are able to determine whether or not updated tracking information syncs from Shippit back into your WiX store. This option is enabled by default, when setting up your integration.

When this option is enabled, you will be able to review the current status of your order within WiX, on the Orders page within the ‘Fulfillment’ column:


As an order is fulfilled within Shippit and tracking information is generated, this will be sent back to WiX and be viewable on the ‘Order Summary’ page:


You are able to modify whether this is enabled or not by heading into the ‘Fulfillments’ tab and choosing ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from the dropdown menu:

  • Yes: As an order is fulfilled and dispatched from within Shippit, this option will automatically sync back into WiX and record the order as ‘Fulfilled’.
  • No: The syncing of fulfilled orders from Shippit into WiX will be disabled. You will be required to manually mark orders as ‘Fulfilled’ from within WiX.



Order Sync History

You are able to review all current and historical orders that have synced between your WiX store and Shippit by reviewing your ‘Order Sync History’. This can be found by selecting the “Launch Connect” button from within your WiX - Shippit integration.


From within Shippit Connect, you will be able to view details relating to the order including: 

  • Date order was synced
  • Order number
  • Tracking number
  • Shipping service level (standard, express etc)
  • Status (Synced, Error)
  • Actions available for order in question


If your Order Status is showing as “Error”, the details can be found by selecting the ‘cross’ button which is found to the left of to the ‘Date’ field. This can help you to understand the issue and how to rectify this from within WiX. 

Once any errors are repaired from within WiX, you will be able to re-sync these by selecting the ‘IMPORT PAID ORDERS’ button from within Shippit Connect.


If you need to locate something specific within your Order Sync History, such as order placed on a particular date or date range, or orders with a certain Service Type, then you can utilise the Filters at the top of the Order History window panel:



Manual Order Import

You are also able to manually import one or more orders via the Order History screen, by following one of the below options:

  • Select the green ‘Import Paid Orders’ button at the top-right of the screen, which will trigger all partially-fulfilled and unfulfilled orders to sync to Shippit
    (note this will only trigger for orders with successful payments or invoices attached to them)


  • Manually import an individual order by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import Orders > Choose By Order Number and enter the WiX order reference number
  • Manually import orders in bulk by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import Orders > Choose By Created Date and select the date and time from when you would like to import orders




    Does WiX support live quoting?
    No, WiX does not currently support Live Quoting. This is being explored as a possible option in future updates.


    Does WiX support multiple storefronts?
    At this moment in time, WiX is only able to support 1-to-1 integration, that is one WiX store can integrate into one Shippit store at a time.


    Does WiX support international Shipping?
    Yes, WiX is able to support international shipping. 
    Important note: some fields required by carriers to facilitate overseas shipping are not yet available within WiX, such as ‘country of origin’. These requirements can easily be added later within the Shippit platform directly.

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