A Head Office User has the ability to view delivery reporting for each or all of the stores under a Company.

  • The first filter at the upper right portion of the screen lets you choose whether to display data for All Stores (default) or for a specific store only.


  • The second filter lets you choose which data date range you want the screen to be populated with.


 The Reporting page has sections focused on Volume, Cost, Speed, and Performance. If you'd like to view all survey responses of customers across stores about their delivery experience, you may click on View Customer Satisfaction at the bottom of the page.


Export delivery data

While we cannot the reports displayed on the Reporting page itself, you can export your delivery data into a CSV format:

  1. Go to the Track tab
  2. Filter the list based on the date range
  3. Click on Export CSV to download order data in a spreadsheet

Get access to daily delivery performance data

With Shippit’s Bulk Analytics Webhook service, you can consume timely delivery performance data anywhere within your organisations very own data stores or BI tools. 

Daily extracts of your delivery performance data on Shippit are automatically generated in CSV format and pushed to an endpoint of your choice for direct consumption by your team.

The report granularity is per order and starts to be generated every night at 1:30am AEST. It sends through the following data points:

order_id store shippit_reference asreceiver_name  recipient_contact_number  recipient_email
carrier manifest_id carrier_job_id retailer_invoice destination_address destination_suburb
destination_postcode  destination_state   destination_country   destination_latitude  destination_longitude special_instructions
atl shipping_price billed_by count length width
depth weight current_state last_update order_placed  despatch_in_progress 
ready_for_pickup in_transit with_driver delivery_attempted awaiting_collection completed
 expected_delivery_date  carrier_quotes rating comment case  


To set this up or for any other custom reporting requirement, please get in touch with your sales contact to avail of Professional Services.

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