Head Office User View
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The Head Office User provides a unique perspective as you navigate through the Shippit user tabs and settings pages.

To understand the difference between a Store User and a Head Office User, please click here.

Head Office User in the User Tabs

As a Head Office User logs in, the dropdown to select which stores' orders you want listed appears as your first filter option in the user tabs:

New Orders tab


Ready to Ship tab


Track tab


Send tab


Head Office User in Settings

When a Head Office User goes to Settings, a section for Company settings appear on top of all the Store settings on the sidebar navigation. On the right of the sidebar, the view may differ depending on the number of Stores in a Company.

  • If you have less than 4 stores in the company, you will see each store as a secondary tab.

  • If you have 4 or more stores in the company, the stores will be in a dropdown. Your 1 or 2 recently accessed store will appear as tabs next to the dropdown.


Head Office User Changes

If you have accessed Shippit as a Head Office User before, you may notice that we have decommissioned Store Management and Communication Settings because both can now be viewed and modified by flicking through the dropdown for the store and changing its general and communication settings.

Store Users of Multiple Stores

If you access Shippit as a Store User who has access to multiple stores, you can expect the same User Tabs view and Store dropdown that a Head Office User has; but, you would not have access to the Company settings on User Management and Global Branding.

Head Office User

Store User of Multiple Stores

Store filter in user tabs

Store dropdown in settings

Company User Management

Company Global Branding

Order Management

If you feel better suited to be moved up to a Head Office User access, please reach out to your account manager or sales contact to set this up.

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