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User roles

Understand the different user roles within Shippit, and what tasks you can perform with each role.

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There are two main user roles in Shippit, which provide different levels of access and authority across your account.

  • Merchant or store access: for users who create, book, and track orders and occasionally update store branding and carrier settings

  • Head office access: manage settings for multiple stores

Head office access is only available if your Shippit account is set up as a company account.

For users who only need to process orders, you can also enable merchant or store access with a limited set of roles, which is referred to as an 'order processing only' role.

This matrix explains the different tasks available to different roles. Items marked with an asterisk (✷) indicate that enabling or adjusting this function could change the amount that Shippit or a carrier charges you.

Order processing only

Store User

Head Office User

Manage and ship orders

Carrier selection ✷

Create orders

Label orders

Book orders

Track orders

Delete orders

Build store address book

Tracking and notifications

Activate customer notifications

Deactivate notifications to store

Accounts and configuration

Adding store users

Adding head office users

Set store branding ✷

Set branding for all stores ✷

Set track page advertisement

Activate and configure rules engine

Save package types

Enable transit protection ✷

View overall shipping analytics

Filter analytics per store

Enable webhook

Configure webhook

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