What is Shipping Optimiser

The Shippit Shipping Optimiser is a free tool that is accessible to all stores and can be used to provide insights and recommendations to your multi-carrier mix so that you can get the most optimal delivery outcomes.

With the Shipping Optimiser, you can:

  1. View Instant Carrier Insights
    See instant analysis on transit time, delivery on-time percentage, and delivery costs per carrier.

  2. View Suggested Carrier Mix Recommendations
    See our recommendations for which carriers can be enabled to provide the lowest estimated delivery costs.

  3. Apply Recommendations
    In 1 or 2 clicks you can apply the recommendations, and they will take effect immediately.

Get started with Shipping Optimiser

Access to the Shipping Optimiser requires at least store administrator permissions. The carrier mix recommendations can only be modified by a user who has Head Office & Store Admin (non-read only) permissions. Please contact your Shippit Admin to give you the correct permissions.

Note: The Shipping Optimiser is currently available for stores based in Australia only.

Click the main menu to the right of the page header, and select the Insights option.

Some users may remember this option previously as "Reporting"

On loading the Insights page, click the "Shipping Optimiser" tab



Using the Shipping Optimiser

Step 1: Select Store

Choose the store you would like to analyse from the dropdown.


Step 2: Select Preferences

Fine-tune your preferences for insights and recommendations:

Preference Available Options
Service Level Standard domestic orders
Standard international orders
Express domestic orders
Express international orders
Priority domestic orders
On-demand domestic orders
Allocation Cheapest Shipping cost
Date Range Orders past 30 days

For merchants currently using Fastest allocation instead of Cheapest, this version of Shipping Optimiser may not suit you as insights and recommendations are based on allocation for Cheapest only.

Note: We plan to include insights and recommendations for stores based outside of Australia, as well as other options for Allocation and Date Range in future updates. 

Step 3a: View Current Carriers and Insights

See your current carrier mix and insights based on past completed orders. This includes any carriers that are currently disabled but have a record of completed orders in the past.


We display 4 metrics:

Metrics Details
Avg speed The average of all transit times for each carrier
Avg on time The average on-time delivery percentage for each carrier
Total orders Total volume allocated
Total costs Total cost based on carrier allocation

Step 3b: View Recommended Carriers and Insights

Shows optimal carrier mix based on your preferences, past completed orders, and recent data of all carriers in Shippit.


Estimated metrics are based on similar recent orders running on the Shippit platform.

Metrics Details
Avg speed The estimated transit times for each carrier
Avg on time The estimated on-time delivery percentage for each carrier
Total orders The estimated total volume allocated
Total costs The estimated total cost, based on carrier allocation

Step 4: Apply Recommended Carrier Mix

Enables new carriers based on the recommended carrier mix by clicking the "Enable new carriers" button. You will see a confirmation modal to ensure this action is explicitly required before completing.


Note: Current recommendations and the process of updating your carrier mix will also be determined by your current settings: Cheapest vs Fastest. We do not support optimising for the Fastest carriers, though this will be available in a future version.

After confirming, your new carrier mix will be immediately available. New orders will start to be allocated to the recommended carriers you enabled.


In addition, you may start to see the new carriers being quoted in the Send tab, as well as with live quoting, and your shopping cart.

Revert Recommended Carrier Mix

In a situation where you want to revert back to your original carrier mix, simply go into Settings > Carriers to change your enabled carriers.


To revert to the original carrier mix, use the ON/OFF toggles for your carrier of choice and hit the “Update” button at the bottom to apply the changes.

If you cannot change the ON/OFF toggles, please raise a support request and we will assist.

Carrier Recommendations

For this version, our recommendations will only add carriers to your carrier mix, but will not remove any.

If cost savings are found, and the Shippit Optimiser recommendations are applied, only the following Domestic Standard carriers based in Australia on Shippit Rates will be included:

  • Allied

  • Fastway

  • TNT

  • Couriers Please

Shipping Optimiser does not support adding the following carriers in the recommendations yet:

  • Other Domestic Shippit carriers not listed above
  • Other Shippit Express, Priority, or International carriers
  • Your own carriers connected to the platform


How does the Shipping Optimiser work with carrier settings?

Generating Shipping Optimiser insights & recommendations does not affect carrier settings. However, if the Shipping Optimiser recommended carrier mix is “applied,” this may turn on additional carriers in the carrier settings.

How does the Shipping Optimiser affect the allocation or quoting workflow?

Generating Shipping Optimiser insights & recommendations does not affect allocation settings or quoting. However, if the Shipping Optimiser recommended carrier mix is “applied, this may affect the allocation and quoting of new orders based on the newly enabled carriers.

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