Head Office VS Store User Roles
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There are two user roles currently available in Shippit.

  • Store User - designed for users who create, book, and track orders and occasionally update store branding and carrier settings

    • Order Processing only - a sub category of store users who are only allowed to create, book, and track orders without any access to a store's settings

  • Head Office User - only available to merchants set-up in a Company in Shippit. This user access is designed to help manage settings and monitor performance of multiple stores through one simplified access

This rundown of capabilities should help you identify the user role the best suits you.

Store User

Order Processing only

Store User

Head Office User

Adding Store Users

Adding Head Office Users

Build Store Address Book

Activate Customer Notifications

Deactivate Notifications to Store

Choose Carriers

Set Per Store Branding

Set Track Page Advertisement

Set Branding for All Stores

Activate/configure Rules Engine

Save Package Types

View Overall Shipping Analytics

Filter Analytics per Store

Create Orders

Label Orders

Book Orders

Track Orders

Delete Orders

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