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Add to Your Recipient Address Book
Add to Your Recipient Address Book
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Do you regularly send packages to customers or as part of a subscription?

The Address Book allows you to build a database of recipients and addresses your store frequently ships to so you don’t have to enter their details every time.

Add a new recipient

The top portion of your Address Book page allows you to type in required information about recipients you want to add to your Address Book. Once you’ve completed all required fields, click on the blue Add Recipient button.


Import recipients in bulk

You can also import recipient details into Shippit by clicking on Import Recipients. To avoid errors, download the CSV template and populate it with your recipients' information.


If there are any incorrect formats, missing information, or address mismatches for recipients in your CSV, Shippit will allow you to download a file containing the entries with errors but still proceed with uploading the correct entries.


If you accidentally upload a recipient already listed in your Address Book, Shippit will detect this as an error and will not upload the duplicate information.


If you'd like to update an existing recipient's information, you will need to either:

  1. Modify the recipient's information individually

  2. Delete the existing recipient and add/import the recipient(s) with new details

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