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Transit protection for sent orders
How do I turn on Transit Protection?
How do I turn on Transit Protection?
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Transit Protection is easy to toggle on, simply head to your Shippit Settings when logged into your account.

In order to activate Transit Protection, you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions as well as the packaging guidelines. This is to ensure you understand what products are covered and how you need to package your goods to be eligible for a claim.

By default, Transit Protection will be added to all your enabled carriers. Once enabled, you can then opt out of carriers you don't need protection for.

Going forward, you can easily view the order value you are covered for in the Cover column of the New orders tab. If you have entered one or more product(s) in your order, this will be automatically updated based on the product value field.

If you have not entered a product value, you can update this directly from the Cover column, as below. For both methods, shipping fees will be automatically added to your cover to ensure you are covered for the retail value of your goods as well as shipping costs.

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