Transit Protection Overview
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Full terms and conditions can be found on our website under Shippit - Transit protection terms and conditions.

Ensuring you're eligible for cover

Before adding Transit Protection ask yourself the following questions to ensure your parcel is eligible.

Am I shipping any special goods?

These goods may be excluded from the warranty or require specific packaging. As always please ensure they are packaged in accordance with our packaging guidelines to be eligible for cover.


Any liquid including but not exclusive to:

  • Paints

  • Oils

  • Creams

  • Wine and Alcohol

  • Beverages

Fragile Goods

  • glass & mirrors

  • ceramics

  • glass homewares

  • wood homewares

  • ceramic homewares

  • wood furniture

  • delicate furniture

  • delicate goods

  • antiques

  • artwork, canvases

  • breakables

Heavy & Bulky Goods

  • marble

  • porcelain

  • ceramic tiles

  • heavy furniture

  • heavy homewares

  • palletised freight

Am I complying with packaging guidelines?

It's essential to protect your goods sufficiently to minimise damage during transit and reduce the dissointment to your customer when receiving their goods.

There are many touch points for a package before reaching your end customer, so make sure the packaging holds up through all of these touch-points.

Please ensure you read through our packaging guidelines before shipping. If you are not sure whether your packaging is compliant, please get in touch with us so we can assist in providing advice

Are my products covered?

Items covered will be listed in the Transit Protection terms and conditions under 'What's Covered'. Refer to the 'What's not covered' section for items that are not covered for damage during transit.

What's Covered

Note: this refers to goods that are covered within our terms and conditions only

  • Packages that are deemed lost during transit by the courier managing the freight

  • Packages that are damaged by the courier managing the freight, or proven damaged upon receipt

  • Packages that comply with our packaging guidelines

  • Packages with order values declared at the time of booking on Shippit

  • A package's journey to your customer and its journey back to you in the case of a Shippit Return.

What's not covered

Please refer to the complete list of excluded goods listed in our Shippit - Transit protection terms and conditions.

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