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HUBBED is a technology company with an Out of Home and Micro Hub Network. Our technology has been designed to create cohesion between retailers, carriers, and consumers.

Our network enables omnichannel and pureplay retailers to offer Click and Collect and Returns powered by HUBBED technology. This means that consumers are offered more choice, convenience and control for parcel pick ups and drop offs. Retailers, carriers, and consumers can benefit by using the 3000 parcel collection locations that are open 24/7 and extended hours.

We are proudly certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia.

HUBBED has operated in Australia since 2014 and has expanded internationally including New Zealand, Taiwan, and the Philippines. This year, expansion plans include 5 new markets across Asia and the US.

Shippit's HUBBED integration gives you access to Australia’s leading parcel pickup, collection and drop-off point network, so you can drop off your outbound deliveries when and where it suits you and provide your customers with a convenient and sustainable drop-off return option.

Take advantage of Shippit's partner rates to drop off your packages to over 3,000 convenient locations, from news agencies to service stations. Many locations are open early and late, 7 days a week, for your ease and convenience.

Is the HUBBED drop-off service right for me?

HUBBED is one of Australia's leading delivery providers with nationwide coverage across Australia. Rather than waiting days for your packages to be collected, Shippit has partnered with HUBBED to offer a drop-off service for outbound and return packages.

Your packages must meet the below size, weight and commodity guidelines.

Max dead weight (kg)

<10 kg

Max cubic weight (kg)

<10 kg

Max cube

<0.1 m³

Max total dimensions

<1.2 m



Bulky (over 30kg)




Perishables & live goods



Y (excl. alcohol)

Dangerous Goods


Services Available

Shippit service level

Service level

Service offering

HUBBED outbound


Allows you to drop your packages off at a HUBBED location instead of waiting on a collection from a courier

HUBBED returns


Allows your customers to drop in their returns to a HUBBED location across Australia

How do I access the HUBBED drop-off service through Shippit?

HUBBED drop-offs can be activated as a standard delivery option within the Carrier settings page as below. Our partnership with HUBBED means that you can activate HUBBED as a carrier service without having to create an account or negotiate your own rates.

To initiate the onboarding process and activate HUBBED as a carrier, select ‘Get started.’ You will be guided to the following screen, where you can choose to activate HUBBED as a carrier for outbound packages and/ return packages.

Automatically, the closest drop-off location will be selected as a default based on your pick-up address. This can be easily modified by selecting ‘Update location,’ which will take you to a map where you can see all available HUBBED drop-off locations and their opening hours.

Once you have selected the right location and the services you wish to enable, simply save your selection and you are ready to start dropping off your packages with HUBBED.

Please note that in order to enable HUBBED as a drop-off option for customer returns, you will be required to activate Shippit’s Returns Portal, which is compatible with Shopify and Magento2.

Booking an outbound order with HUBBED

Booking an outbound order with HUBBED is simple. Once HUBBED has been activated as a carrier, you will be able to create and confirm orders as usual in the ‘New Orders’ tab.

Note that when confirming your order, the ‘Pick-up address’ will not change. You will be able to confirm and drop off your order as usual, at the drop-off location you have selected during your initial set-up.

If you are unsure which drop-off location has been selected, or would like to update the location, you can head to ‘Carrier settings’ to manage your HUBBED set-up and review your drop-off location.

Booking a return order with HUBBED

Once HUBBED has been activated as a carrier, you should see this reflected in your ‘Return methods’ under Settings > ‘Returns Portal.’

If you have not yet set up your Returns Portal, please follow our guide on how to Enable and Configure your Returns Portal.

Please note that the Returns Portal is currently only available for Shopify and Magento2.

Once HUBBED has been activated for return orders, your customers will have the option to select a drop-off location when requesting a return via the self-serve portal.

For returns that are eligible for instant approval your customers can quickly request a return, choose from over 3,000 drop-off locations, and download a label with just a few clicks. Once requested, you can track returns and inform customers via automated emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to drop off my orders?

Indefinitely, the order is registered in HUBBED and Shippit and won't be charged until the first scan event. Before this point you can still cancel the order to get a full refund

How do I know when the courier has picked up from the location?

Shippit will indicate when the order has been picked up by the Courier, marking it as an In Transit state.

Once a drop-off location has been selected, can I drop off at another location?

To ensure quoting is correct, you will be required to drop off at the location selected during the initial set-up. Note that when you are booking and confirming your order, it will display your standard pick-up address. This is expected behaviour and your order can be dropped off as usual at the location you selected during set-up.

How do I know when my order has been picked up?

Once you drop your packages into a HUBBED location they will process your packages and have them ready for their driver's collection, this can take 24-48 hours.

Once your order has been picked up it will be scanned by the carrier and marked as ‘In Transit'. You will then receive a tracking status notification advising that the package is “On its way.”

How do I get support with my HUBBED orders?

If you have any questions about getting started with the HUBBED Drop-off Service - You can contact us here for more information.

Please note that your order may take up to two days to be picked up by the carrier, from a HUBBED location. If it has been less than two days since your order was dropped off we recommend that you wait the full two days before getting in touch. Tracking statuses are updated to ‘On its way’ when the carrier scans your package.

If you are already using the HUBBED Drop-off Service and need help with existing orders - use the Get Help button on the Track tab from within Shippit.

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