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Last mile upgrades for CouriersPlease
Last mile upgrades for CouriersPlease
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We've partnered with CouriersPlease and regional carriers across Victoria to offer last mile upgrades for your eligible regional deliveries.

Last mile upgrades give you faster, more reliable regional deliveries with end-to-end tracking visibility, all at no extra cost.

How does it work?

Automatically better: Where possible, we’ll automatically upgrade the last mile, on-forwarding carrier to a more suitable carrier, to bring you faster deliveries with a higher on-time delivery rate. There’ll be no changes to how you book or track orders, and CouriersPlease will still pick up upgraded orders.

Upgraded orders will appear with a purple icon on your New Orders page.


Everything is connected: We connect seamlessly with regional couriers to give you end-to-end tracking visibility. No more delayed or missing tracking events.

We take care of support: Shippit handles delivery support for you and your customers at every delivery stage.

Frequently asked questions

Will CouriersPlease pick up my packages?

Yes. Please note that upgraded orders will have a different label format to non-upgraded orders but you can process and group all CouriersPlease deliveries together for collection. Just look for the CouriersPlease logo in the top-left corner of the label.

Label examples

Upgraded delivery

Non-upgraded delivery


Which deliveries will be upgraded?

Some regional deliveries require carriers to partner with local couriers to complete the last mile of the delivery process. This common practice in logistics is known as on-forwarding. These local couriers can vary in speed and reliability.

Shippit will only upgrade orders where we identify a more suitable courier for the last mile of the journey. At present, we will only do so for certain CouriersPlease deliveries booked on Shippit’s partner rates (billed by Shippit).

There will be no change to other CouriersPlease deliveries.

Who do I contact for support?

As with all deliveries that use Shippit’s partner rates (billed by Shippit), including those with CouriersPlease that are not upgraded, you and your recipients should contact Shippit directly for any delivery support.

You can do so by clicking on the ‘Get delivery help’ on the specific tracking page for the order.

How do I turn on last mile upgrades?

Last mile upgrades for CouriersPlease are currently available for a select group of merchants but will be available to everyone on the Shippit platform in early 2023. You can opt out at any time by emailing [email protected].

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