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Understanding Onforwarding Deliveries with Shippit
Understanding Onforwarding Deliveries with Shippit
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What is Onforwarding?

Onforwarding occurs when a delivery booked on Shippit requires the involvement of multiple carriers to ensure successful delivery to the recipient. It often comes into play when the original carrier cannot complete the entire delivery journey alone. Typically this is due to the destination being outside their network coverage.

Managed by Booking Carrier:

When you book a delivery through Shippit with a specific carrier and the delivery destination falls outside their network coverage, the booked carrier will engage another carrier to handle the final leg of the delivery.

Selection of Carrier Partners:

The carrier partners involved in onforwarding are managed and selected by the booked carrier, ensuring that your parcels are entrusted to reliable and efficient delivery services. You can Track your parcels status with Shippit as you usually would.

Seamless Parcel Distribution:

Despite involving multiple carriers, the onforwarding process is designed to ensure seamless distribution of parcels during the last mile of delivery, ultimately ensuring that your customers receive their orders on time and in good condition.

We've partnered with CouriersPlease and regional carriers across Victoria to offer last-mile upgrades for your eligible regional deliveries, click here for more information on Last mile upgrades with Couriers Please.

If you need further information or to activate Couriers Please Last Mile, please reach out to our friendly Support Team.

You can get in contact with us a few different ways, for urgent requests please log into Shippit and chat with us, or give us a call. For non-urgent requests send us an email at [email protected].

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