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NEW! Drop off your packages with CouriersPlease
NEW! Drop off your packages with CouriersPlease
Updated over a week ago

Take advantage of Shippit's partner rates to drop off your packages to over 700 convenient locations, from news agencies to service stations. Many locations are open early and late, 7 days a week for your ease and convenience.

Is the CouriersPlease Drop-off service right for me?

CouriersPlease is one of Australia's leading parcel delivery providers with nationwide coverage across Australia. Rather than waiting days for your freight to be collected, Shippit has partnered with CouriersPlease to offer a drop-off service for pre-approved customers.

Before applying to access Shippit’s drop-off service rates with CouriersPlease, please review the following information and restrictions to determine if this service is right for you.

Your packages must meet the below size, weight and commodity guidelines:

Max packages per drop-off

Most locations accept approx 10 packages per drop-off.

If you ship more than this, we suggest contacting our support team who can help set up a scheduled pickup instead.

Max dead weight (kg)

<10 kg

Max cubic weight

<0.1 m³

Max length

<1.1 m



Bulky (over 30kg)



Y (packaged, non-perishable)

Perishables & live goods





Y - Must be pre-approved & configured by Shippit.

Dangerous Goods

Y - Only what is accepted in the CouriersPlease network & approved by Shippit prior to shipping.

How do I access the CouriersPlease Drop-off service through Shippit?

To apply for the CouriersPlease Drop-off service you'll need to complete the below request form.

Once you have submitted your application, our team will review and determine whether your store meets the criteria detailed above. You will receive a response from us within 10 business days.


What happens after I've enabled the service?

Once enabled, only new orders that have entered Shippit will be declared as eligible for drop-off. These orders will show a visible icon next to the order in the Shippit UI - see image below:


Once the CouriersPlease Drop-Off service is enabled, any orders allocated to this service will need to be dropped off at a CouriersPlease drop-off location as the driver will not receive a collection booking request.

If you have orders you have previously booked through the standard CouriersPlease service (non-drop-off) these will need to be cancelled with our support team so the driver does not come out to collect otherwise you may be charged a futile fee.

Can I drop my orders off at a different location?

No, you can only drop off your packages at any eligible CouriersPlease drop off location.

How can I activate a driver collection again if needed?

One service can only be utilised at a time and configured on your account. This means you're unable to request a pickup while using the CouriersPlease Drop-off Service.

If you want to revert back to collections, you'll need to reach out to our platform support team at [email protected] requesting CouriersPlease Drop-off Service be disabled on your account. Please keep in mind that the change will only affect your new orders that have been entered in Shippit. Any existing orders allocated to the CouriersPlease Drop-off Service need to be dropped off or cancelled and recreated in Shippit for collection.

How do I get support with my CouriersPlease orders?

If you have any questions about getting started with the CouriersPlease Drop-off Service - get in touch with our platform support team at [email protected].

If you are already using the CouriersPlease Drop-off Service and need help with existing orders - use the Get Help button on the Track tab from within Shippit.

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