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Integrate MyPost Business
Updated this week

Shippit now integrates with MyPost Business giving you a faster and smarter way to label, ship and track your orders.

You can sign up for MyPost Business account by following the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a Shippit account if you don’t already have one

  2. Sign up for a MyPost Business account.

  3. Log in to the MyPost Business online portal.

  4. Connect your MyPost Business account to Shippit using the guide below.


Once set up, you will need to log in to your Shippit account and navigate to your Settings > Carrier settings.


In Carrier settings, you will see two services for MyPost Business, MyPost Business Standard and MyPost Business Express. Toggle on the services you’ll need and select Link account.


This will open the onboarding modal for you to connect your MyPost Business account.


From here, select Authorise. This will take you to your MyPost Business login screen. After filling out your credentials, you will be redirected back to the modal.


Select payment method:

If you have a Business Credit account for MyPost Business, you can link that to Shippit by selecting Business Credit Account and selecting the relevant Billing Account from the drop-down menu.


Choose pick-up or drop-offs:

Next, choose if you'd like to drop off packages at the post office or have Australia Post pick up your packages.


An important note on pick-ups

To avoid multiple pick-up fees, please book all of your MyPost Business orders for the day, all at once. If you've already booked a batch of orders on a given day and have additional orders to ship, we recommend updating your preference temporarily, to Drop off at Post Office. You can do this anytime by navigating to the MyPost Business modal in your Carrier settings. Once those orders have been shipped, you can then switch your settings back to Pick-up for the next day.

Parcel and satchel preferences

Parcels and satchels

Shippit automatically determines the correct MyPost Business parcel code, based on the size and dimensions of the order.

Shipping with Australia Post's packaging?

When booking orders, you'll need to enter the specific dimensions of Australia Post's packaging types (see the below table).

To make things easier, you can create Custom Presets for the below package types by navigating to your Account Settings and clicking on Pick & Pack in the left-hand side menu.

AP XL Carton

Dimensions:- Length: 44.0 cm x Width: 27.7 cm x Height: 16.8 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP L Carton

Dimensions:- Length: 39.0 cm x Widith: 28.0 cm x Height: 14.0 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP M Carton

Dimensions:- Length: 24.0 cm x Width: 19.0 cm x Height: 12.0 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP S Carton

Dimensions:- Length: 22.0 cm x Width: 16.0 cm x Height: 7.0 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP XL Satchel

Dimensions:- Length: 51.0 cm x Width: 44.0 cm x Height: 9 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP L Satchel

Dimensions:- Length: 40.5 cm x Width: 31.5 cm x Height: 15 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP M Satchel

Dimensions:- Length: 39.0 cm x Width: 27.0 cm x Height: 19 cm Max Weight: 5kg

AP S Satchel

Dimensions:- Length: 35.5 cm x Width: 22.5 cm x Height: 25 cm Max Weight: 5kg


Shipping with your own packaging?

Enter the dimensions of your custom packaging when booking orders or save your custom packaging types by creating Custom Presets in your Account Settings.

Signature on Delivery and Authority to Leave

By default, Signature on Delivery is enabled for all MyPost Business orders booked on Shippit. This will be turned off for individual orders that are declared as Authority to Leave. Please be aware Australia Post charges a fee for orders with a Signature on Delivery specified.

If you prefer to have Authority to Leave as the default for all orders on Shippit, you can enable this on your Carrier settings page, in the Advanced settings section. From there you can select the option “Set Authority to Leave (ATL) as a default for all orders”.

Extra Cover

MyPost Business provides Extra Cover for domestic orders with a specified value of up to $100, at no additional cost. Extra Cover can also be purchased for orders over $100. For more information, head to the Australia Post website.

To ensure your orders are covered, orders must include each Product and its associated Price.

If your product details aren't automatically synced to Shippit, you can add this manually from the New Orders page by clicking on Modify products on individual orders.

ℹ️ If you haven't enabled Extra Cover for orders over $100 on Shippit and have orders that exceed this, we'll automatically limit the value to $100.


Easily see which orders will be covered by checking to see if the order's product value is visible in the Cover column.


How to activate Extra Cover for orders >$100

If you'd like to have Extra Cover for orders with a value over $100, this will need to be activated from the MyPost Business modal in your Carrier settings. Once enabled, this will apply to all new orders booked on Shippit. The cost of Extra Cover for these orders will be included in the total quote.
If you like this enabled, please reach out to our support team.

Delivery notifications

By default, both the MyPost Business and Shippit delivery notifications will be sent. If you'd prefer to switch off either or both of these notifications, please contact our support team.

Booking orders

Bulk confirm and label

You can only confirm multiple orders at once if you have a Business Credit Account with Australia Post.

If you pay Australia Post using a credit card, you will be unable to bulk confirm orders and will see the below error message.


Cancelling orders

Changes happen all the time, and sometimes an order needs to be cancelled. Please remember that when you generate a MyPost Business label on Shippit, you are effectively booking the order with Australia Post. If you'd like to cancel an order, you can do this on Shippit, but we also recommend you refund the order within your MyPost Business portal.

To do this, navigate to the History tab and select the order that needs to be refunded or cancelled.


Within the Transaction details screen, click on View.


On the next screen, click on Refund.


Frequently asked questions

Can I specify pick-up or drop-off on an order level?

No. Our integration allows you to choose pick-up or drop-off as the default option for all MyPost Business orders. You can update this anytime in your Carrier settings. If you may need to use both, we recommend having drop-off selected in your Shippit settings and to book ad-hoc pick-ups in your Australia Post MyPost Business portal.

How do Australia Post's satchel sizes work?

Australia Post My Business offers services for merchants who purchase their shipping supplies and this includes:

  • Small = can hold up to 5kg

  • Medium = can hold up to 5kg

  • Large = can hold up to 5kg

  • Extra Large = can hold up to 5kg

If you purchase these supplies from Australia Post then its recommend you advise the Shippit support team to set the correct size satchel product code for your account.

If you have any questions about getting started with MyPost Business on Shippit, get in touch with our platform support team at [email protected].

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