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Domestic Carrier Surcharge Matrix
Domestic Carrier Surcharge Matrix

Information about the additional surcharges your carrier might include after an order is completed, for Australian and New Zealand carriers.

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We do our best to include basic and compulsory carrier charges in our quotes when you book your orders with us. However, some of the more extensive charges are not included in the quote, because the carriers can only calculate them after your order is completed.

For a complete list of surcharges, check your provided Shippit rate card, or get in touch with your Shippit Account Manager.

Additional surcharges billed by Australian and New Zealand carriers

This matrix shows an overview of the different surcharges billed by the various Australian and New Zealand carriers. You can also download a PDF version, if you need to zoom in.

Important notes about surcharges

Rate cards and API quotes include known calculations at the time of booking wherever possible. This includes fuel surcharges, residential, regional, on-forwarding, weight, and length surcharges. However, these surcharges are subject to change. Costs that are unable to be determined at the time of booking, or that are inaccurately declared, result in an additional surcharge.

Additional surcharges always apply for deliveries requiring special assistance. This is services like a two-person lift, stairs, or a tail-lift. For consignments with multiple items, the surcharge is levied on the largest item only.

The surcharges in this matrix do not include GST, and are subject to change. The individual carriers can update or change these fees at any time, without notifying Shippit.

The person responsible for the booking is always liable for any carrier costs associated with completing a delivery or return. Failure to pay invoices results in your account being suspended. Check our Terms and Conditions for information.

If you misdeclare an order, there is an additional 10% administration cost. For more information about misdeclarations and how to avoid these charges, see our Misdeclaration articles.

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