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Domestic Carrier Surcharge Matrix
Domestic Carrier Surcharge Matrix
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Shippit does try to include basic and compulsory carrier charges in its quotes at the time of booking. However, some of the more extensive charges will not be included in the quote as these must be calculated once an order has been completed.

Below, you'll find a high-level view of surcharges per carrier. For a more extensive list of surcharges, please check your provided Shippit Ratecard or contact your Shippit Account Manager if you need assistance with this.


  • Additional surcharges will always apply for deliveries requiring special assistance i.e. two men, stairs, tail-lift service etc.

  • These surcharges exclude GST and are subject to change with the carrier at any time without notice from Shippit.

  • Our Terms and Conditions state the client responsible for booking is always liable for any carrier costs associated with completing a delivery or return. Failure to pay invoices will result in your account being suspended.

  • Rate cards and API quotes will include known calculations at the time of booking where possible. This includes fuel surcharges, residential, regional, on-forwarding, weight, and length surcharges however these are subject to change. Costs unable to be determined at the time of booking or inaccurately declared will result in an additional surcharge.

  • MISDECS will attract an additional 10% admin cost.

  • For consignments with multiple items, the surcharge is levied on the largest item only.

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