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Shippit Partner Program
Shippit Partner Program
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What is the Shippit Partner Program?

The Shippit Partner Program allows us to work more closely with selected technology and agency partners, to deliver better outcomes for merchants in collaboration with our partners.

Shippit is always looking for partners who want to work with the best-connected shipping platform covering Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. You can apply here.

Who does Shippit partner with?

Referral Partners

Receive commissions from us when you identify and refer merchants and opportunities for Shippit, to help streamline their operations..

Developer Partners

Unlock API access and technical support as a partner looking to integrate Shippit, connecting us to another platform or in-house system.

Why partner with us?

  • Award winning solution for your clients, offering access to Australia’s leading carriers. Shippit’s fulfilment automation saves time and effort. Tracking and notifications mean a reliable customer experience.

  • Earn commissions on referrals, with a competitive payment structure for merchants who sign up to Shippit; all made easier with our new Partner Portal

  • Take advantage of our subject matter expertise as well as world-class platform. Integrate with the top eCommerce, WMS, OMS, and Inventory systems. Provide new value and guidance to clients with better operations and analytics

We take action against climate change and can offset carbon emissions for every delivery, incentivise our carrier network to build truly carbon neutral delivery services. Delivery shouldn’t cost the planet. With us, it won’t

How does it work?

Working together

As a Shippit Partner, you’ll have access to a number collaboration options:

  • Education sessions such as lunch & learns

  • Account mapping opportunities

  • Strategic planning and business reviews

  • Regular communications and updates

  • Meeting request tool via our partner portal (see below)

  • Dedicated Slack channel with Shippit team

The Portal

Our portal allows you to easily refer customer leads to Shippit, and work closer with our team to ensure the best outcomes for your merchants.

How to refer someone

  1. Submit leads using the SUBMIT NEW LEAD button in the header.
    These are the merchants who you think should be using Shippit. From there, our team will assess the lead, and begin the process of working with the customer.

  2. You can track the progress of leads you've submitted on the Referrals page. Qualified Leads become Opportunities, viewable further down the page.
    Sales are those customers who have signed up with Shippit, and may qualify for commission payouts. You can view commissions earned and request payouts on this page.

  3. Reports contains pre-made detailed reports on the merchants you've referred to us, as well as a historical view of all leads you have submitted.

The Resources page is a great place to check out guides on the product, upcoming releases, and to get help related to Shippit or the partner portal.

The Commission Plan

To qualify for a commission:

  1. You must be a registered partner and have agreed to the terms of our partner agreement

  2. Submit referrals via our portal, or the referral submission form at

  3. The lead successfully converts to become a Shippit customer, and that customer must have been paying subscription fees for a minimum of 3 months.

  4. You must be an active partner, by which we mean you will have submitted a minimum of two referrals in the previous 12 month period.

How commissions are calculated:

Each successful referral will trigger two commission payouts

  1. After 3 months Shippit will pay a commission equal to 10% of fixed revenue projected out over the full first year. This includes the monthly subscription amount including add-on fees projected out over the first year of their contract.

  2. After 12 months Shippit will do a reconciliation and pay a commision equal to 10% of the variable usage revenue earned. This includes any transaction fees related to usage including label fees, freight, SMS, and others.

Commissions are calculated at the end each quarter, your available claim amount is updated in the partner portal at that time.

There is a $1000 AUD minimum amount required for Shippit to process a payout, if your eligible commissions are under that amount you will not be able to claim it until the first end of quarter in which you have exceeded $1000 AUD in claimable commissions.

To trigger a payout:

  1. When you are eligible to receive a payout you will see the amount available to claim in your partner dashboard [link]

  2. If you wish to claim your commission you click the button (???)

  3. If you cannot claim your commission because it is less than $1000 AUD or you would prefer to donate your commission to charity, select the donate button and Shippit will credit your commission to XXX fund.

Commission Structure

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 3.36.11 pm.png

How to apply

For more information and to apply to become a Shippit Partner, visit our Shippit Partner Page.

If you have any questions about the program, you can contact us at [email protected]

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