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Need some guidance? Check out the most frequently asked questions for our Returns process below:

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How can I preview my returns portal?
You can view your live Returns portal once you’ve configured your settings. The returns portal URL can be found in your returns settings.
To preview the portal experience, create a test order, mark the order as fulfilled/shipped in Shopify / Magento 2 and explore the portal using the test order details.

Which eCommerce platforms support the Returns Portal?
Right now Shippit Returns is only available to merchants that use Shopify (incl. Shopify Plus) or Magento 2. We are currently exploring the inclusion of more platforms in the future.

Can I still set up returns with Shippit if I don’t use Shopify or Magento 2?
Yes, Shippit’s Returns API lets you build a custom returns solution that integrates with your systems and workflow. To learn more about our Returns API, head here.

Can my customers choose to drop their items off instead of organising a courier pick-up?
Yes they can! To offer 'item drop-off' as a return option, merchants must connect their existing Australia Post account with an eParcel Post Returns code (weight restrictions apply).
NOTE: We currently support domestic returns only.

What options do I have for return locations?
Right now, items can only be returned to the primary pick up location that is set up in your Shippit account. For more information on your Returns Address, check out this article.

Does Shippit have a returns API for customers that don’t use Shopify or Magento 2?
Unfortunately not at this stage. We may explore this an option in the future based on customer feedback.

How does a customer submit a return request?
Submitting a request is simple; all your customer needs to do is head over to the Shippit Returns Portal embedded into your eCommerce platform and follow the simple steps below:

    1. Access their order: using their order reference number (excluding hashtag) and email address used at the time of purchase.

    2. Submit a request: select the item(s) to return, return reason and item condition, and confirm their preferred return method (if available).

    3. Download label and pack item: if approved, download and print return label and pack item.

    4. Drop-off item or book pick-up: drop off item at any Australia Post postbox or post office, or book courier pick up, based on their selection.

Can I use my own carrier rates for returns shipping?
We are currently unable to support merchants' own carrier rates where you have a carrier account linked with Shippit, due to the limitations surrounding return pricing.

Returns Exceptions

Can I customise the rejection reasons?
Not at this moment in time; currently, all merchants will have the same 'rejection reasons' listed. Let us know if you would like to see more options added in the future!

What happens when a customer submits a request that requires approval?
If a return request cannot be approved automatically during the submission process, the customer making the request will be advised via a pop-up message that a member of your Customer Service team will need to review their request, and will be back in touch with them shortly.

  • If approved, your customer will receive our standard email with instructions to download the return shipping label and get their item ready for return.

  • If rejected, Shippit will not communicate with your customer - you will need to get in touch with them directly to let them know why their request has been rejected.

What happens when a customer submits a request outside the return policy window?
Customers will not be able to download a return shipping label from the portal when their request is outside the policy window. They’ll see a message on the portal that their return request will need to be reviewed by your customer service team and that you’ll be in touch shortly.

Note that even if the request meets a return rule based on the selected reason and condition, if the request is outside the return policy window, then it will still be considered unauthorised and will require manual approval.

Returns Best Practice

How do I track the status of incoming returns?
Return requests appear in the ‘Processing’ tab. The current tracking status is displayed here, along with a link to the track page that is also shared with your customer via email.

Requests will remain in ‘Processing’ until you manually mark the return as ‘completed’ once you have resolved the return (e.g. refund, store credit or exchange).

What are the possible track statuses displayed in the ‘Processing’ tab?
The following return tracking status will be updated automatically:

  • Return requested: the customer has submitted a return request online

  • Awaiting drop off: the customer needs to drop off the item at an Australia Post office or post box

  • Ready for pick up: the customer has requested the pick up by the courier

  • In transit: the courier has picked up the item from the customer

  • With driver: the courier is on its way to deliver the item to the merchant

  • Product Received: the courier has completed delivery of the item to the merchant. Alternatively, the merchant can manually mark a return request as ‘Product received’ in the Shippit app. This option is available to handle a scenario where the item reaches the merchant in another way besides courier delivery e.g. customer personally returns the item.

Where can I locate new return requests?
1. ‘In policy’ automatically approved requests: Return requests that have been approved automatically based on your return rules appear in the ‘Processing’ tab. You won’t need to do anything until your customer returns the item, unless they contact you for assistance with their label. Any unauthorised requests that have been manually approved can also be tracked in the ‘Processing’ tab.
2. ‘Out of policy’ requests:
Return requests that don’t meet your 'return rule' criteria and require manual action will appear in the ‘New Requests’ tab. Remember, you are deciding whether to approve the customer’s request for a shipping label, not for a refund or exchange at this stage.

Once you have received the item and reviewed it against your Store Returns Policy, it is at this point that you approve/deny the customer's request for a refund or exchange.

Where can I view the tracking page for a return delivery?
The 'tracking' page tracks the status of the return up until the item is received by the merchant.

  1. Go to the ‘Processing’ tab

  2. Click on the reference number associated with the returns request

  3. View the tracking page

Your customer can also visit the tracking page from the link provided in the instruction email.

Does an order need to be sent with Shippit for the item to be returned via the Returns portal?
No - as long as the order can be found in Shopify/Magento 2, then the customer can submit a return request for the order via the Shippit Returns process.


Why can't my customer login to the portal?

    • Make sure they are using the email address used at purchase

    • Make sure they exclude the ‘#’ when entering their order reference number

    • Check if there’s already an existing return request for that order reference number

    • Check that at least 1 item has already been shipped

    • If the above does not work, please reach out to Shippit Support for more guidance.

My customer can’t download the return label, how can I get this to them?

    • View the request in the ‘Processing’ tab and select drop-down menu

    • Manually download the label and email it to the customer

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