What is Transit Protection?
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Worried about lost or damaged parcels? Shippit’s Transit Protection makes it easy and affordable to protect your deliveries against loss or damage when things don’t go to plan.

Existing cover for damaged or lost goods provided by carriers can be fragmented, expensive, and time-consuming, with large excesses, long claim periods and limited coverage only for the cost price of goods.

To make protecting your parcels easier and more affordable, Transit Protection is a warranty against shipments being lost or damaged in transit and can be activated for all deliveries made on Shippit, or on a per-carrier basis.

Key benefits of Shippit's Transit Protection

Transit Protection covers you for the full retail price, not the wholesale or cost price. This means your goods are protected against loss or damage up to the value of AUD 10,000. With no fees to file a claim, a streamlined claims process and the ability to toggle on directly within your Shippit settings, Transit Protection can save you time and money.

Low-cost pricing

  • No excess fees to lodge your claim.

  • Competitive low-cost premiums from AUD 1 per delivery.

High coverage amounts

  • Up to $10k AU/NZD coverage.

  • $9k SGD & 25k RM coverage in Asia.

  • Coverage for the full retail value, including the cost of shipping.

Streamlined & user-friendly

  • Consolidated view; activate, view, and edit all within Shippit.

  • Streamlined itemised invoicing to easily identify which orders are covered.

  • Access to billing information anytime from within Shippit.

Transit Protection covers:

  • Goods that comply with our Packaging Guidelines and are deemed lost or damaged during transit by the carrier.

  • Goods with order values declared at the time of booking on Shippit, excluding Excluded Goods in the Transit Protection terms and conditions.

  • A package's journey to your customer and its journey back to you in the case of a Shippit Return.

  • The retail value of goods including shipping costs, up to the amounts outlined below:


Domestic Minimum Charge

International Minimum Charge

Maximum Cover Amount


$1 AUD

$2.50 AUD

$10,000 AUD


$1 SGD

$2.50 SGD

$9,000 SGD


3 RM

7 RM

25,000 RM

New Zealand

$1 NZD

$2.50 NZD

$10,000 NZD

Transit Protection pricing:

Shippit's Transit Protection allows you to cover your goods at retail value against damage or loss during transit, this is the value paid by your customers to you as a seller for their goods, not the wholesale value or cost price.

Transit Protection fees are calculated based on the retail or declared value of items in an order, including the cost of shipping. Different subscription tiers in Shippit have different rates for Transit Protection as below.













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