How do I get a quote?
Updated over a week ago

We recommend loading some test orders using the Send tab. It’s easy and it only takes 3 steps!

Click Next and you will have a breakdown of your billing details based on the service provider recommended. A few important tips to note before moving on:

1. To avoid nasty surprises, we recommend you carefully weigh your package. Learn more about additional charges for incorrectly declared parcels here.

2. On a Pay As You Go plan the cost of shipping your orders is subject to a 15% surcharge. Learn more about these charges and how Shippit plans work here.

3. Understand how Shippit allocates carriers to your orders with “smart carrier allocation” here. Want to go beyond the cheapest or fastest options, try our “Rules Engine". Stay in control of how Shippit allocates carriers to your orders. Learn more here.

Hope this helps.

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