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Choose Carriers to Ship With
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The Carrier Settings page allow you to switch on/off carriers and configure Shippit's default carrier allocation settings. This page is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Smart Carrier Allocation

  2. Allocation Settings

  3. Advanced Carrier Settings

Smart Carrier Allocation

Within this section of your Carrier Settings, you're able to switch on and off certain delivery services across Standard, Express, Same Day, On Demand and International Delivery.

Delivery services that have the description, Billed by Shippit are available on Shippit's exclusive delivery rates and can be shipped with instantly.

Here you can also connect your own carrier accounts or rates by clicking on the Link Account next to a service. Can't see the button? Simply email [email protected] for further help on connecting your pre-negotiated rates or account.


Allocation Settings

Using these settings, you can customise how Shippit allocates carriers to orders, including:

  • Automatically allocate orders to either the Fastest or Cheapest delivery service

  • Automatically allocate orders to Express service if ETA is longer than your selected duration

  • Take advantage of Standard services if its delivery timetable is comparable to an Express service

  • Take advantage of Express services if its cost is comparable to a Standard service


Your Allocation Settings are applied when new orders are created or synced into Shippit. You'll still be able to update the carrier manually from your New Orders page. To learn more about package allocation, click here.

Advanced Carrier Settings

Lastly, Advanced Settings allow you select default pick-up and delivery preferences across your account.



Always remember to click on the blue Update button (at the bottom of the page) whenever you make a change in your Settings. A green ribbon will appear at the top of your Settings page as confirmation that your update was successful.

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