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Managing a Sudden Increase in Volume to Prevent Pickup Issues
Managing a Sudden Increase in Volume to Prevent Pickup Issues
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At Shippit, we understand the challenges that come with predicting sales volume, especially during peak seasons or sudden spikes in demand. To help you navigate through these fluctuations and ensure smooth pickups with your carrier, we've outlined some essential steps and solutions below:

Planning Ahead for Peak Seasons:

Anticipating a significant upcoming sale? To guarantee seamless pickups with your carrier, we recommend reaching out to at least two weeks in advance. Providing details such as predicted volume, freight type, and preferred carrier allows us to optimise coordination and ensure timely delivery.

Managing Monthly Volume Growth:

As your business experiences consistent growth in monthly volume, you may qualify for scheduled pickups. Scheduled pickups streamline the logistics process, ensuring that your shipments are collected efficiently and delivered promptly to your customers. Please check out Requirements for pickups for more information on scheduled pickups.

Addressing Sudden Volume Surges:

In the event of a sudden increase in volume impacting your pickups, don't hesitate to contact support for assistance. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions to manage unexpected surges in demand.

Additionally, considering the addition of another carrier option can provide flexibility and ensure uninterrupted service. For carrier recommendations tailored to your needs, please review our Carrier Overview Matrix.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, you can get in contact with us a few different ways, for urgent requests please log into Shippit and chat with us, or give us a call. For non-urgent requests send us an email at [email protected].

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