Integration Process

Please find the guide below to help set up Shippit - Shopify Integration : 

  1. Login to your Shippit store.

  2. On the top right of your screen, click on the downward arrow.

  3. Choose Settings on the extended options.

  4. On the sidebar menu on the left, select Integrations.

  5. On your right, scroll down and click on Shopify. This will load the Shippit app on the Shopify App Store.

  6. Click on Add App.

  7. Log in to your Shopify store.

Configuration Options

To access your Configuration options:

  • In Shippit, go to Settings > Integration > Edit Shopify Integration
  • In Shopify, go to Apps > Shippit > Shippit Connect > Settings

Live Quotes

Live Quotes allow you to provide customers with real-time shipping rates and options during checkout based on the total order weight and delivery address.

Enabling live quotes is a two-step process -
1. First enable it on Shippit by going into Settings > Integration > Edit Shopify Integration > Live quotes and set up the below options: 

  • Activate Live quotes on - Click the check box on the right so that your customers can see the shipping cost on checkout and choose which service they would like to pay for. 

  • Available Services - This option allows you to choose the service class/es that will provide a live quote. You can choose to have specific service classes by only selecting those or choose to quote from all four service classes (On-demand, Priority or Same Day, Express, and Standard).
    Important: Please enable couriers for the respective service levels from the Carriers section in Shippit Settings beforehand to avoid any issues.

  • Click Save

2. Enable live quotes from Shopify by going into Settings > Shipping & Delivery. Click on Manage Rates.


By default, Shippit rates will already appear in the Carrier and app rates section in all the shipping zones in Shopify once live quotes are enabled on Shippit. If this option is not displayed by default then you can always use the Add rate button to add Shippit for live quoting. 

Click on the three dots on right and choose the service levels (as shown below) for which you want to show the Live quote on the checkout page and click Done

Important: Keep the "Automatically show new shipping services to customers when they become available" ticked always. This is especially important for Priority and On Demand quotes from Shippit. 




Configurable transit times


For Standard and Express orders, Shippit will display estimated transit times during checkout. You can toggle this on or off by going into Settings > Integration > Edit Shopify Integration > Live quotes. 


Order Sync

The Orders tab allows you to configure how would you like to synchronize your orders from Shopify to Shippit through the following options:

  • All Orders: this option helps you decide whether you want to sync delivery instructions into Shippit or not.

  • Default Email: this email will be used as the default email address for orders that do not contain a customer’s email address.

  • Auto-Sync: set to Yes by default; this option ensures orders are automatically pulled into Shippit from Shopify.

  • Auto sync orders event trigger: determines the required order status in Shopify for an order to be pulled automatically into Shippit. There are two events that Shippit listens for -

    • An order is marked as paid: Shippit will sync the order as soon as it is marked as paid in Shopify ( payment should happen on the Shopify checkout. Please refer the FAQ section if you are integrating your Shopify with different marketplaces).

    • An order is created: Shippit will sync the order as soon as it is created in Shopify.

  • Exclude orders from auto-sync with these product tags: this option allows you to stop orders with a certain product tag from being synced automatically from Shopify to Shippit; a common use is if you offer pre-order sales which cannot be shipped yet until the stock is ready.
    By default, the entire order that has an item with a restricted product tag will not sync to Shippit. You can, however, opt to partially sync items that do not have restricted product tags by ticking the box Allow partial syncing of orders that contain products not excluded by above tags.

  • Customised Fulfilled Orders: This is a feature in Shopify that allows products to be allocated to 3rd party fulfilment. Products allocated to 3rd party fulfilment don’t sync to Shippit by default. However, if you have a need to sync these products (such as Retail express integration) this configuration allows you to enable those orders to sync into Shippit.

Manual Order Import

You can manually import orders to Shippit both via Shopify and Shippit.

From Shopify:

  • Import individual order
    Manually import an individual order by going to Orders > Click the checkbox for order> Click on More Actions > Select Send to Shippit

  • Import orders in bulk
    Manually import orders in bulk by going to Orders > Click the checkboxes against the orders > Click on More Actions > Send to Shippit


In Shippit:

  • Import individual order
    Go to Settings > Integrations > Edit Shopify Integration > Click By Order Number and enter the Shopify order reference number and then click Import.

  • Import orders in bulk
    Go to Settings > Integrations > Edit Shopify Integration > Click by Date Created and select the date from when you would like to import orders and then click Import.

You will see a "processing" bar in the right-hand corner informing you that you can view the imported orders on the New Orders Page.

Shipping Options

Shipping options allow you to match your Shopify Shipping Methods to a specific service or service class in Shippit when you are utilising your own Shipping Options and not using a Live Quote.

If you offer Free Shipping, you can minimise your shipping cost by identifying the specific service or service class that you would like the order to be transacted through.

You may also set a certain Shopify Shipping Method that you fulfil through your own delivery team to “Skip this method“ so that such orders do not flow into Shippit.

Lastly, there is an option to map to Click & Collect orders. This allows you to generate a label for an order and as soon as the label is downloaded, the order is moved from the New Orders tab to the Track tab.

Fulfilment Sync

The Fulfilment tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders' shipment status from Shippit to Shopify through the following options:

shopify image 1.png


  • Enable auto-fulfil in Shopify - allows you to decide whether you'd like Shippit to mark orders as fulfilled in Shopify. With this setting enabled, Shippit will update all tracking information on the order in your Shopify Dashboard.
    Please Note: Shippit’s ability to update the order with tracking information will fail if you create a manual fulfilment on the order in Shopify.
  • Fulfilment Location - Orders created in Shopify check the availability of stock for each product. As the orders are created, it stores the Shopify location where each product will be fulfilled from. The fulfilment process uses the locations from the order. Shippit supports single and multiple fulfilment locations. For more information on single and multi-location modes head to the Shopify locations section of this guide. 
  • Tracking number - If you're selling on a marketplace like Amazon, you can choose whether your Shopify orders are updated with the carrier tracking number or the Shippit tracking number. This ensures marketplaces can recognise the tracking information and your customers can track their parcels. 

Sync History

Click on the Sync history tab if you wish to view the sync history of orders. By default, this tab will show the information as seen in the screenshot below:


You can click on individual orders to get more granular information related to that order (as shown on the right-hand side in the screenshot below).


You can filter the data using the order reference number, Shippit tracking number, Status of the order, Date, and Service level. Furthermore, you can also click on the Sync button in the Controls column to resync the order into Shippit.
Important: If there are any sync issues then the orders will have skipped or failed as their Status on this page. You can hover over the status to find the reason why the order is skipped/failed and update the order accordingly in Shopify and resync them.



Whether you have a Shopify store set with multiple fulfilment locations or a single fulfilment location, there are different options in Shippit which help you manage these orders more efficiently.

Multiple Shopify locations to one Shippit store

shopify image 2.png

If you are shipping from multiple physical locations, each Shopify location can be mapped to a different Shippit account. Navigate to Fulfilment under your Shopify integration settings

Step 1: Uncheck the option ‘Fulfil orders from a single location’.

Step 2: Hit Save.


Fulfil from a single location:

If you have multiple Shopify locations set up and are fulfilling from a single physical location you can use our ‘Single location' option to streamline your fulfilment process in 2 steps. This will prevent multi-product orders from being split into separate orders.

Navigate to Fulfilment under your Shopify integration settings and choose from your available Shopify locations. 

Step 1: Enable the check box against “Fulfil orders from single location”
Step 2: Choose one of the options

Option 1: ‘Stock is reduced from the original location’. (This mode will ensure that your stock inventory gets adjusted from the location it is stored at)

Option 2: 'Stock is reduced from selected location. (This mode ensures that your stock inventory is always adjusted from a single location that you have selected in the drop down. Please note that when using this option you may need to transfer inventory and update this in Shopify to keep your stock levels accurate.)

Step 3: Hit Save.

shopify image 3.png

Multi-location mode

If you have multiple Shopify locations that you would like to sync to different Shippit accounts, reach out to our support team at support@shippit.com for help setting up your multiple Shopify Locations. 

Please note that this should only be set up if you are shipping from separate physical shipping addresses. 



If you need to remove your connection between Shopify and Shippit you can delete the integration from the Account menu. Deleting the integration enables you to set up a new Shopify Store or change to a different integration.  
Warning - Deleting the integration will remove the Sync History


TEST your configuration by creating a dummy order in Shopify based on the different order sync criteria you have identified here. If you encounter any challenges, email us right away at support@shippit.com.

Special Delivery Notes in Shopify

What is ‘Special Delivery Notes’?

This Shopify feature lets merchants enable an optional customer note box at checkout. Customers can use it to communicate specific delivery requests, such as gift wrapping. These notes help the merchant understand unique requirements and preferences, ensuring a smoother delivery process.


A typical example of special notes - “This order needs to be gift wrapped”

Shopify image.png

How to enable this on Shopify

Shopify lists this process in this help article:

Step 1: Go to Settings of your store → Checkout → Customize Check out

Shopify image 2.png


Step 2: Theme Settings Opens → Go to Cart → Enable Cart Note → Hit Save

Shopify image 3.png


Customers will now see a dedicated section on the checkout page for entering 'Special Delivery Notes.'


Shopify image 4.png

Integration with Shippit

This feature enables seamless synchronization of special delivery notes with Shippit orders. When activated, customer notes from the checkout page are automatically forwarded to Shippit orders, appearing on labels. This facilitates delivery partners in reading and acting upon these notes.


How to enable this feature on Shippit?

Go to Shopify Store → Shippit App → Integration Settings → Order Syncing → Check ‘All Orders’ → Hit Save

shopify image 5.png

Enabling ‘Sync Delivery Notes’ in Shippit Settings


The note then flows to Shippit orders. It even gets printed on the labels.

Samples here :point_down:
shopify image 6.png



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Shippit say that my Shopify store is already connected with a Shippit account?
    If your user has access to multiple companies in Shopify, due to a conflict of browser sessions, the app may attempt to automatically link your store with a Shippit store you were previously logged into. We recommend that you reconnect via an incognito window. If the issue persists, please contact us so that the duplicate connection can be removed.

  • If I modify or delete an order in Shippit, will it update/delete the order in Shopify?

  • What information is sent in fulfilment?
    The following three pieces of information are sent from Shippit to Shopify a the time of fulfilment  -
    1. Shippit or carrier tracking number
    2. Shippit tracking URL
    3. Tracking Company in the format of $courierName - Powered by Shippit
  • Why my orders are not getting fulfilled from Shippit?

    Why are my orders being tagged as fulfilled even if they haven't been booked in Shippit?
    A default setting of new Shopify stores is to Automatically Fulfill the Order's Line Items after an order has been paid.

    Since your integration with Shippit updates the fulfilment status in Shopify once an order is booked, you do not need Shopify to internally make this assumption for you. With Shippit, your fulfilment status in Shopify can be more reflective of your actual booking and dispatch timing. 

    Login to Shopify and go to Settings > Checkout > Order Processing > After an order has been paid to select either:

    • Automatically fulfil only the gift cards of the order - if you filter gift cards as a product tag that should not be pulled across into Shippit; or

    • Do not automatically fulfil any of the order's line items - this will allow Shippit to update the fulfilment status instead.

  • Why am I not receiving tracking updates for the orders I have booked through Shippit?
    Check your Shippit Fulfilment settings in Shopify to see if they are enabled.

  • Why can't I enable Live Quotes?
    For you to start using any live quoting plugin to Shopify, it requires that you either (1) are on an Advanced Plan at least or (2) have the paid add-on feature "Calculated rates at checkout". You may need to get in touch with Shopify to upgrade or request this add-on feature.
  • Can I get a live quote for an international order in the shopping cart?
  • Does live quoting consider the product dimensions?
    As dimensions cannot be configured against products in Shopify, live quoting will only take into account the weight of the products. In order to get the quote right, you need to make sure that the weight of the product in Shopify is set to whichever is higher - dead weight or volumetric weight. If there is a product where the Dead Weight is already higher than the Volumetric weight, leave it as it is. If the product’s Dead weight is less than Volumetric Weight then define its weight in Shopify to be equal to the Volumetric weight.
  • How can I pass Special Delivery Notes to Shippit Orders and Labels? 
    Go to Shopify Store → Shippit App → Integration Settings → Order Syncing → Check ‘All Orders’ → Hit Save

    shopify image 5.png

    The note then flows to Shippit orders. It even gets printed on the labels.

    shopify image 6.png

  • Can I show quotes from all the couriers enabled under a certain service level?
    It is not possible to show quotes per courier on Shopify checkout. We only show quotes per service level. For example,  you have 3 couriers (Couriers Please, Fastway, and Australia Post) enabled under the Standard Service level in Shippit. Shippit will only show quotes from one of these couriers at the Shopify checkout page as they all fall under Standard Service Level. The courier chosen will depend on the Cheapest/Fastest setting under the Allocation settings in Shippit.
  • Can Shopify display the delivery Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of courier service options on the checkout page?
    The existing Shippit integration with Shopify only displays the ETA for Priority and On-Demand orders.
  • Can I change how the information is shown on the checkout page?
    No, currently it is not possible to change the way information is shown on the checkout page.
  • Can I add a margin to live quotes?
    Yes, you can edit the live quote settings from Shopify and add a handling fee which will act as a margin on top of the live quote provided by Shippit.
  • Why are my orders not syncing to Shippit?
    This could be due to:
    1. Incorrect content and/or format of customer and delivery information.
    2. Insufficient carrier services are activated in Shippit > Settings > Carriers.
    3. Orders are skipped due to product tag settings.
    4. The shipping method used for the order is marked to skip the orders.

  • Can I resync an order if it is skipped?
    Yes, it is possible to resync the orders by clicking on the Sync button in the Controls column under the Sync History tab in Shippit. Please note that only unfulfilled orders can be synced into Shippit.

  • Why are orders from The Iconic or eBay not syncing automatically to Shippit?
    Orders from external shopping carts such as The Iconic or eBay will not auto-sync with Shippit. This is because the payment trigger occurs outside of Shopify and hence Shippit is never notified that an order is paid on Shopify. Unfortunately, this trigger event is something out of Shippit's control. As a workaround, you can sync orders based on when they are created.
    In Shippit, go to Settings > Integrations > Orders > Auto-Sync Orders > Select When an order is created. Take note that updating this setting will mean all orders created on Shopify will be sent to Shippit. This may include and is not limited to, orders deemed fraudulent, suspect, or pending payment. Once the orders are synced as soon as they are created, it will be up to you to manually verify these types of orders in Shippit before booking a courier to pick up those orders.
  • How do Priority and On Demand orders work in Shopify?
    It is essential to use live quotes for Priority and On Demand orders. This will not only ensure your customers get an accurate quote but will also determine whether that service can be provided for the specific order and will be shown to your customers upfront.
    Please note that there could be issues syncing priority or on-demand orders if live quotes are not used for them. 
    Important: Priority orders are automatically booked with the courier as soon as they are synced into Shippit.
  • Can my customers see quotes for future dates for priority and on-demand orders?
    No, this is not supported by the integration at the moment.
  • If my priority order is not available at the moment then can I delete the order from Shippit and resync it at a later stage?
    Once you delete the priority order you might need to reach out to the courier as well to get the order cancelled. Also, resyncing priority or on-demand orders is not possible from Shopify and these will have to be created manually in Shippit using Send tab.
    Please Note: as these orders are created manually in Shippit therefore they will not be fulfilled automatically via Shippit, instead will have to be manually fulfilled in Shopify.
  • How to sync ATL (Authority to Leave) information from Shopify into Shippit?

    There are two ways to send Authority To Leave (ATL) information from Shopify to Shippit -
    1. Using Cart Notes:
    Please find the information on creating a cart note in Shopify here. These notes can be used for two purposes - to send ATL information as well as to send Delivery Instructions to Shippit. Please note that the "note" must contain the text “ATL” (case sensitive) or “authority to leave” (case insensitive) within the notes and Shippit should be able to extract this information.
    2. Using Cart Attributes:
    Please find information on creating a cart attribute in Shopify here. The cart attribute must contain an object with a name property equal to “authority to leave” (case insensitive).
    When a note attribute is found:
    (a) If the value property is set to YES, we will set the authority to leave as TRUE
    (b) Otherwise, we will set the value as FALSE.
    Otherwise, if no note or note_attributes are found, the value is not set.

  • Can I ship dangerous goods using this integration?
    No, currently it is not possible to ship dangerous goods via Shippit-Shopify Integration.

  • Can I ship alcohol using Shippit-Shopify integration?
    Yes, please ensure that Satchel 500g ATL (A5) in the Pick and Pack settings is disabled along with the Set Authority to Leave (ATL) as a default for all orders field in the Carriers > Advanced settings in Shippit. This is because carriers require signatures for alcohol deliveries.



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