What information appears in the ‘Completed’ tab

You can view your completed returns history in the ‘Completed’ tab. The following information is displayed:

  • Date: when the return request was submitted
  • Reference: the Shopify or Magento 2 order number, linked to the Shippit track page
  • Customer name: the same name used at the time of purchasing the product
  • Age: Number of calendar days between when the order was originally made and when the return was requested
  • Items returned: Items selected to be returned when making the request. Each product is numbered so the reason can be mapped to it (see below)
  • Reason: The reason and condition selected by the customer when making the request
  • Resolution;
    • Closed: when the request is marked as completed in the ‘Processing’ tab, along with any comment provided, or; 
    • Rejected: when the request is marked as rejected in the ‘Processing’ tab, along with the selected reason, along with any comment provided
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