Delivery orders created in or synced into Shippit will have different statuses on their journey towards delivery.

Here's a reference to the most popular order delivery status:

  • Order Placed - the order is created in the Shippit New Orders tab; packaging size and courier assignment are yet to be confirmed
  • Packing Order - the order is in the Shippit Ready to Ship tab; packaging size and courier assignment are already confirmed
  • Processing - the order is being moved from the Shippit New Orders tab to the Shippit Ready to Ship tab; this status can be an indicator that the order is stuck in between the two tabs
  • Awaiting Pickup/Dropoff (formerly 'Booked for Delivery') - the order is on the Shippit Track tab; order details are sent to the selected courier for pickup and the merchant is already charged for booking
  • Pickup Failed - the order status for futile pickup or no-goods-to-go (NGTG); this means the courier driver went to pick up the package from the merchant but it is not ready yet
  • In Transit - the order is already collected by the courier driver from the merchant; this can mean (a) the order is on its way to the depot or (b) is currently travelling in between depots
  • With Driver - the order is onboard for delivery to the customer; this means it's delivery day and the item is already on the courier driver's van
  • Delivery Attempted - the courier driver attempted to deliver to the recipient's address but no one is present to receive the order; a card is left at the delivery address so the recipient can arrange a redelivery.
  • Insufficient Address - the courier driver cannot locate the destination based on the indicated order delivery address; this could mean the address is incorrect or insufficient; the merchant can validate the address in Google Maps and supply the correct/complete address
  • Awaiting Collection - the courier driver delivered the item to a collection point for the customer to collect; this means that redelivery can no longer be arranged
  • Lost - the package is lost; if the order is covered by Shippit Transit Cover, a claim may be submitted
  • Damaged - the package is damaged; if the order is covered by Shippit Transit Cover, a claim may be submitted
  • Completed - the package is successfully delivered
  • Returned to Sender - the package was returned back to the merchant; this is possibly due to customer refusal to accept, customer failure to pick it up from the designated collection point, redelivery attempts exceeded, incorrect address, or damaged package.
  • Return Requested - the merchant booked a return of the order from the customer; this means the return label is now created
  • Untrackable - the order was placed only to generate a plain label so no tracking events can be recorded
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