Apparel21 (AP21) offers a full service integration to the Shippit platform. If you wish to connect your AP21 to Shippit for order fulfillment, the first step is to contact your AP21 account consultant.


Need assistance in implementing your integration? Connect with your Shippit account manager, sales contact, or visit our website to avail professional services today!


Supported Features

The AP21 + Shippit Integration supports:

  • Domestic and international orders
  • Bring-Your-Own (BYO) couriers like Australia Post, Startrack, and DHL Express
  • Discounted shipping rates through Shippit's couriers 
  • Order Sync

Indirectly Supported Features

The AP21 + Shippit Integration does not directly support:

  • Live quoting
  • Fulfillment or tracking sync
  • Customer-initiated Returns

However, if you use a frontend shopping cart (like Shopify, Magento, etc.) capable of the above listed features, these can still be added to your solution through a separate integration. Speak with a solutions expert today to find out how!


Integration Questionnaire

Your AP21 consultant may require the following information in a questionnaire once your integration project begins:

Environment API URLs

Not for logging in, these URLs should only be entered into the AP21 Integration Questionnaire.

Store API Keys

For implementations involvement more than 3 stores, it is best to connect with a solutions expert to streamline the process. Otherwise, you can follow these steps to obtain your store API keys:

  1. Create your Shippit stores first
      • Click here create a store in the Staging/Testing environment
      • Click here create a store in the the Production/Live environment
  2. Extract your store's API Key

Courier Allocation Codes

Identify the courier services that you plan to use and obtain the courier_allocation code from the list below:

  • AlliedExpressOvernight
  • AlliedExpressSameday
  • AlliedOvernightRoadExpress
  • AramexInternational
  • Bonds
  • ClickAndCollect
  • CouriersPlease
  • CouriersPleaseExpress
  • Dhl
  • DhlEcommerce
  • DhlExpress
  • DhlExpressInternational
  • Eparcel
  • EparcelExpress
  • EparcelInternational
  • EparcelInternationalExpress
  • Fastway
  • KerryExpress
  • KerryStandard
  • NewZealandPost
  • NewZealandPostExpress
  • NinjaVanExpress
  • NinjaVanStandard
  • PlainLabel
  • PlainLabelInternational
  • SekoExpress
  • SekoStandard
  • SingPost
  • Skybox
  • StarTrack
  • StarTrackPremium
  • Tnt
  • Toll
  • YelloOndemand


Errors and Troubleshooting

For any questions or concerns related to your integration, your first point of contact is your AP21 consultant. They will reach out to Shippit Support if further technical assistance from our team is required.

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