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I’m not able to add my order to my Apple Wallet from the link in my Shippit tracking email.

When you make a purchase from a participating retailer, you can track orders in the Wallet app from your iPhone. You can add an order to your wallet from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. or If you aren’t able to add your order to your wallet, please check that you are;

  • Using an Apple Device with iOS17 or later - you must be using an Apple device that is using iOS17 or later, iPadOS 17 or macOS Sonoma. Manually adding your order to wallet from the link in the email won’t work if you are using iOS 16 or earlier. We recommended updating to iOS 17.

  • Using Safari Browser - if you have any other browser selected as your default browser, you won’t be able to add the order to your Wallet automatically. You can either change to Safari as your default browser, or hold down and click on the ‘Track with Apple Wallet button’, select ‘copy link’, open Safari and paste the link.

There’s a problem with the Order Tracking information displayed

The Wallet app displays information provided by the retailer. If the information that you see in the Wallet app isn't what you expect, or if you have a question about your order, contact the retailer for more information.

More support

More information on Apple Wallet order tracking can be found here - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT213326.

If you are still unable to add your order to your Wallet, please contact Shippit Support - [email protected].

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