Global Branding
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The Global Branding section of Company settings allows you to set-up and update in one go the branding of stores under a Company.

Overall Branding

  • Primary Color - updates the color of the top navigation menu and buttons

  • Header Logo - sets the image that will appear at the top left of the screen

  • Allow Stores to Use Their Own Branding - this will nullify Global Branding so that each store can set their own preferences in Store Branding Settings


Communications Branding

  • SMS Sender ID - will be the sender name appearing in customer's inboxes when they receive a text notification about the delivery

  • Logo for Email, Packing, and Labels - sets the image that will appear in the email notification, packing slips, and shipping labels attached to your packages

  • Sender Email - will be the sender email address appearing in customer's inboxes when they receive an email notification about a delivery booked under your own account with a courier

The SMS Sender ID only applies if you are signed up for SMS notifications which comes at an additional cost.

In setting up a Sender Email, you need to contact [email protected] with your nominated email address.

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