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Brand Your Tracking Page & Notifications
Brand Your Tracking Page & Notifications
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Our customised branding puts your brand, front and centre of your tracking notifications so you can keep your business front of mind.

With Shippit’s customised branding you can:

  • Customise your track page and notifications with your logo and colours

  • Drive traffic back to your website by adding an advertising banner and custom URLs to your tracking page

  • Add your logo to your packing slip and label

To see examples of our branded tracking page, notifications, labels and pack slips click here.

Get started with customised branding

Shippit’s customised branding is a paid add-on feature. If your current subscription does not include this feature, please get in touch with your sales contact or account manager to get started.

How to set it up

Once customised branding is enabled for your account, follow the instructions below to customise set up your logos, colours, URLs and advertising

Branding settings

  1. Login to your Shippit account and navigate to your Settings. Click on Branding Settings in the left-hand side menu.

  2. Select the primary colour. This will be shown on the header of your tracking page.

  3. Upload your business logo. This will be shown on your tracking page, notifications, pack slips and labels.

  4. Enter your business URL. This URL will be linked to your logo on the header of the tracking page.

  5. Click on Update.


Advertising settings

  1. Navigate to your Settings and click on Advertising Settings in the left-hand side menu.

  2. Upload your banner image for both mobile and desktop

  3. Enter the preferred URL for your advertising banner for both mobile and desktop. Some of our merchants use a dedicated link to track the click-through rate on the banners.

  4. Click on Update.



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