Email Delivery Notifications
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Manage your customer expectations by sending timely notifications for the most important steps throughout delivery.

Your Notification Settings allow you to turn on or off notifications for each of Shippit's delivery statuses which include:

  • Progress Updates are notifications for typical delivery stages from the moment an order is picked up through to delivery completed

  • Delivery Exceptions include notifications for an initial delivery attempt is unsuccessful.

Hovering your mouse over Information Icons will provide you with a short description of what triggers a notification. Toggling the Switches on and off will determine whether a notification will be sent for each delivery status.


Preview email notifications

From the Notification Settings page, clicking on the text Preview next to a delivery status will load an example of the notification.


A new, structured layout makes it easier for your customers to see delivery information that matters the most, such as the delivery date, carrier, and how to get help. We’ve also added the sender address to provide immediate context on where the package is being shipped from.

Across Shippit's email notifications, your recipients will be able to see their:

  1. Tracking number

  2. Delivery status

  3. URL to the Track Page

  4. Provide Authority to Leave

  5. Links to Frequently Asked Questions

  6. Rate their Delivery Experience

💡 Branding is possible here. The Shippit logo on the top left of the email notification can be replaced to display your logo if Branded Tracking & Notifications is part of your subscription package.

Preview Track Pages

From the Email Notification Previews, you can click on the Track Delivery button to see an example of your Track Page (which is what your customers will see).

The Track Page capture's an order's journey from the moment an order is placed to delivery and includes:

  1. Tracking Number

  2. Estimated Time of Arrival

  3. Recipient Details

  4. Carrier Details

  5. Delivery Status

Apart from customising the logo branding, you can also add an advertisement about your upcoming sale, discount on second purchase, or links to your social media pages through the Track Page. Learn more here.

SMS Notifications

SMS for all delivery statuses are activated by default. If you'd like to turn SMS notifications off for certain statuses, please reach out to [email protected].

Email Notifications

We’ve updated the look and feel of all our email delivery notifications to match our new brand identity. You’ll notice changes to the logo, colours, and overall design.

We've kept the messaging concise but friendly - from the subject to the email body - so your customers have just the right amount of information they need.

Standard notification examples

These are examples of our standard, non-branded email notifications.

On its way


With driver




Delivery attempted


Awaiting collection


Branded notification examples

On its way


With driver


Delivery completed


Delivery attempted


Awaiting collection

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