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Most of the time, when you order something from a Shippit partner, a carrier will deliver the package to you with no trouble at all. You might be at home, get a knock on the door, and receive it directly into your hot hands, or they might leave it at the door or in a safe space for you to pick up when you get home. But things don't always go according to plan. In the unlikely event that your package has gone missing, this article should help you track it down.

If you receive a message that your parcel has been delivered but you can't find it, start by looking around your property for a notice from the carrier. It could be at your door, or in your letter box. If you find a note, that's great! Follow the instructions on the note to pick up your delivery, or organise a redelivery.

If the carrier has told you that they've left the parcel in a safe place, check around the front and side of your property. It could be tucked behind a pole, up against a wall, or behind a door. If you can't find it, contact the carrier directly, or get in contact with the merchant that you purchased from. They should have a record of where the package was left.

If the carrier hasn't been able to deliver your package, you should receive a notice from them telling you what you need to do next. If you haven't received any instructions, contact the carrier directly, or get in contact with the merchant that you purchased from to ask where you can pick up your delivery from, or organise a redelivery.

If you still need help finding your package, you can use your consignment number to track your package. Your consignment number usually starts with PP, and you can find it on communications from the retailer, or on any recent communications you have received directly from the carrier. It usually starts with PP.

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