Shipping Dangerous Goods
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IATA - Dangerous Goods (HAZMAT)

Some carriers are able to transport some types of dangerous goods, in limited quantities for pre-approved customers only. The requirements and limitations vary from carrier to carrier. Please see our Dangerous Goods Carrier Matrix (pictured below) for an overview of the accepted, limited, and prohibited DGs per carrier.

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are classified into nine hazard classes by the UN (United Nations) and reflected in the IATA Dangerous Good Regulations.

Dangerous goods are substances or articles with hazardous properties which, if not handled correctly, may:

  • Explode

  • Asphyxiate

  • Burn

  • Poison

  • Corrode skin or metals

  • Pollute the environment

  • Become unstable with other products

When shipping DGs, you must have:

  1. Someone certified in DG signing off on the shipments

  2. The goods approved by the carrier if you're connecting your own account

  3. Approval from Shippit before configuration or activation (both BYO and using our account)

  4. Packaged with the correct DG Packing Standard for that group of DG

  5. Labelled with the correct DG placards where required

  6. A DG Declaration Form where required

  7. An attached MSDS or SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet) where required


Dangerous Goods Carrier Matrix

Click the below links for a high-resolution image of the matrixes.


Disclaimer: Shipping of ANY class of dangerous goods is subject to approval by Shippit and the Carrier.



How do I apply to ship dangerous goods?

1. Check whether your desired carrier accepts the class of DG you want to ship. Check the DG Carrier Matrix for an overview, or find more detailed information in our Know Your Carrier section.

2. If you're already using Shippit and simply want to activate a new DG Carrier - please download & complete the Dangerous Goods Request Form and return this to your Shippit representative or [email protected] for review. You will receive a confirmation once it's all ready to go!

3. If you are brand new to Shippit, please get in touch with our team via this link.

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