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Get to Know TNT (Fedex Domestic )
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TNT & Fedex are reknowned industry leaders offering door-to-door shipping to more than 200 countries - connecting people and businesses all over the world.

Shippit gives you access to several of TNT & FedEx's efficient services both domestically (air and road), and international services launching soon!

Using Shippit, you can tap into TNT's standard road service, as well as their tail gate service which is ideal for bulky and/or palletised shipments. We also offer access to their express air service which gives you a cost effective express solution for smaller goods with most freight delivered within 3 business days.

Services available

✓ TNT road express = standard road service

✓ TNT tail gate service (717b) = standard road service for bulky goods and pallets

✓ TNT express = express air service

*Terms & Conditions apply see TNT's Conditions of Carriage for more information


Check our our Carrier Overview Matrix for full compatibility, limitations & restrictions.

Suitable for:

✓ Apparel, clothing & footwear

✓ Small consumer goods

✓ Homewares & furniture

✓ Foods & beverages

✓ Alcohol - with prior approval

✓ Dangerous good - limited with prior approval only. Check which DG goods are accepted in the network with our Dangerous Goods Matrix

✓ Heavy bulky freight or pallets

✓ Consolidated freight (palletised)

✓ Surcharges. Charges we can identify at the time of booking will be included in the API quote at the however additional surcharges may apply for undeclared goods, deliveries requiring assistance, or special goods. For an extensive list of carrier surcharges, view our Carrier Surcharge Matrix.

✘ Complimentary carrier insurance. Enable Shippit Transit Protection to cover your orders for loss & damage.

Prohibited Goods

Restricted Goods

Please contact Shippit if you intend to ship alcohol, dangerous goods (including flammable), or fragile goods. Pre-approval is required before configuring your account & shipping any type of 'special goods'.


If you're shipping simple freight, you can turn on TNT services today from within the Shippit UI. Simply activate TNT from within your carrier settings.

  • Go to Settings>Carriers>TNT>ON (standard road)

  • Go to Settings>Carriers>TNT Overnight>ON (express air)

Activating a BYO account

If you have your own BYO account to integrate, we'll need the below information to set up your account. Simply email this to [email protected] and we'll get you connected!

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account

  • Account number - Your unique TNT account number

  • Contact Name - The name of the registered person on your Shippit merchant account.

  • Contact Email - The email registered to your Shippit merchant account

  • Contact Phone - The phone number registered to your Shippit merchant account

  • Address Line 1 - The address where your business is registered with TNT

  • Address Line 2 - The address where your business is registered with TNT

  • Suburb - The suburb where your business is registered with TNT

  • State - The state where your business is registered with TNT

  • Postcode - The postcode where your business is registered with TNT

  • TNT Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email and contact number

Shipping high volumes or special goods?

This includes dangerous goods, alcohol, fragile, and restricted items.

You'll need approval before shipping, please contact our carrier operation team via [email protected] so they can get you started.

Shipping bulky goods or pallets?

You'll need approval before shipping. Simply download and complete a Bulky Goods Request Form and return it to your Shippit representative or [email protected] and we'll get your shipping as quickly as possible!

When booking a TNT Road and tail-gate service you have an unlimited weight restriction however surcharges apply. Goods over 30 kgs must be placed on a pallet or skid otherwise you will receive a surcharge. Any under-declared goods will be invoiced by Shippit accounts once TNT has re-weighed and charged for the goods. The TNT overnight service does not currently accept goods over 30 kgs. Check out TNT's guide to preparing your shipment.

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