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Futile Charges & Missed Pick-Ups
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What is a futile charge?


There are a few reasons why an order might be marked as 'futile' or 'pickup failed' on Shippit, here's a few of the key reasons:

  • Your goods are not prepared on time for when the driver arrives

  • Goods are incorrectly declared (size, weight)

  • Goods are not packaged correctly

  • The driver cannot access your pickup location

  • Your pickup location is closed

  • The goods were incorrectly labelled or not labelled at all

If the driver is able to collect some packages, you may not be charged a futile fee.

However, if there are no collections ready at the time of pickup you will be charged the full order value as a futile fee. You will also need to rebook your pickup with Shippit Support.

How to avoid these charges?

Make sure to correctly declare your goods and have all items prepared prior to booking (or manifesting) your packages in Shippit.

Ensure any cancellations are made within 24 hours notice otherwise you will be charged in full if the driver has already been called out (priority) or marked it as futile/pickup failed.

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