Changes to TNT Delivery Consolidation Surcharges | Effective 8 September 2023

Good Afternoon,

Please be advised that our carrier partner Fedex Australia has advised that they will be introducing Book-In Request and Book-In Storage Fees as of 8 September 2023. 

This will apply to any B2B or B2C delivery booked on a domestic TNT and Fedex service within Australia.


What’s changing?

This will apply in the instances where a delivery requires:

  • TNT to consolidate goods in the one consignment going to the one delivery destination so that they all arrive in an allotted time slot together either at the request of the customer (or Shippit on behalf of its customer) 
  • TNT to defer delivery of their shipments beyond the standard transit time either at the request of the customer (or Shippit on behalf of its customer)

Why is it changing?

  • The book-in process requires additional effort, resources and labour cost from TNT which they will pass on
  • TNT’s continued investment in their network in order to maintain the high level of the service you rely on.

How will I receive these additional charges?

These fees will be:

  • Applied to all domestic TNT Road Express and Overnight Express Services
  • Applied in addition to any other applicable surcharge(s) in relation to the shipment
  • Invoiced post-booking under Additional (Misdeclaration) Charges by Shippit to its customer


Effective from September 8th 2023.

Book-In Fee Description Charge ex GST
Book-In Request Fee

A fee applies for each request to defer the delivery date/time beyond the standard transit time.

* This fee can be charged more than once per shipment.

$40 per request
Book-In Storage Fee (Day 1-2) No storage fee will be applied for the first two days. Not applicable
Book-In Storage Fee (Day 3-4) Storage from day 3 to day 4. $50 per day
Book-In Storage Fee (Day 5 onwards) Storage from day 5 onwards. $75 per day


If you have further questions on how these pricing changes may impact your business, please reach out to your Shippit Account Manager to discuss your greater business needs. Alternatively, you can contact us here for more information.

Thank you for choosing Shippit to power deliveries to your customers! 


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