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CouriersPlease is one of Australia's leading parcel delivery experts with nationwide coverage across Australia.

They provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for domestic shippers offering a wide array of delivery options to customers including redelivery, redirection, and safe-drop, all of which can be easily booked online.

The POPPoint network is made up of POPStations, Parcel Lockers, and POPShop Retail Outlets that are all located in convenient, accessible locations. 

We have also recently introduced CouriersPlease drop-offs, which allows customers to drop off their packages to over 700 convenient locations, from news agencies to service stations. Many locations are open early and late, 7 days a week for your ease and convenience. 


Freight Type
Best Fit For Not Suitable For
  • cost effective domestic deliveries

  • smaller sized consumer goods (FMCG)

  • non dangerous liquids and alcholic beverages

  • individual quantities of accepted/limited DG that are suitable for road & rail transport

  • clients needing a good variety of delivery options for their customers

  • customers using HUBBED for drop-off or wanting a drop-off solution

  • bulky freight (long, oversized, unpackaged freight or furniture flatpacks)

  • palletised freight

  • large quantities of DG (batteries or flammables)

  • perishable or live goods

Customer Type

Best Fit For Not Suitable For
  • Fashion & apparel
  • Variety stores
  • Non bulky homewares & furnishings
  • Health & beauty (limited DG)
  • Arts & entertainment
  • Computers & electronics (limited DG)
  • Pet supplies
  • Food & beverage
  • Liquor & tobacco
  • Sports & fitness equipment
  • Automative, aviation, mechanical
  • Industrial & agricultural


Services Available

You can now access two types of CouriersPlease services through Shippit as we recently launched our newest service integration; the CouriersPlease Drop-off service.

Shippit service level Service level Service offering


Standard delivery with pickup
CouriersPlease Drop-off Standard Standard delivery with drop off (no collection from driver)


Integration & Service Limitations

To see all carrier limitations, see our Carrier Overview Matrix.




Service Type Road  Road
Service Level Standard  Standard
Max Dead Weight <25 kgs per item <10kg 
Max Cubic Weight

<0.16 m3 per item

<0.6 m3 per consignment


Max Length <1.80 m <1.1m 
Pallets N
Dangerous Goods


Limited, with approval only


Only what is accepted in the CouriersPlease network & approved by Shippit prior to shipping

Liquids Y


Must be pre-approved & configured by Shippit

Food Y


(packaged, non-perishable) 

Perishable Goods N
BYO available Y

Alcohol Deliveries

Do CouriersPlease accept alcohol in their network?

Yes, you can ship alcohol through their network with prior approval.

If you're shipping alcohol you'll need your Shippit account properly configured. Please contact our Configuration team via email to discuss setup before shipping - 

How do CouriersPlease manage alcohol in their network?

CouriersPlease is a current signatory of the Retail Drinks code. The Code is a voluntary, industry-wide framework, authored and administered by Retail Drinks, for the purposes of governing online alcohol sales and deliveries in Australia.

Included in the code, are some specific areas of compliance which CouriersPlease will comply with. It is the responsibility of all customers choosing to utilise CouriersPlease services that they understand and abide by the code. You can read the full code here.

These terms are automatically agreed to when activating and using a CouriersPlease account through Shippit (both BYO and using our partner rates).


Dangerous Goods

CouriersPlease is able to transport some types of dangerous goods, in limited quantities for pre-approved customers only - see below.

Approved by Shippit/the carrier before shipping

✓ Activated by Shippit

Packaged and labelled correctly

✓ Accompanied by a MSDS or SDS when shipping

Please contact your Shippit Account Manager or our Support Team if you plan to ship any of the below mentioned goods as you need approval before shipping on our account. 

See our Dangerous Goods Guide for more info!




The below can not be shipped under any circumstance


Limited Goods

The below DG can be shipped with prior approval only

  • Dangerous goods without prior approval
  • Furniture, bulky or sharp goods
  • Unboxed & unpackaged goods 
  • Anything dirty or greasy (e.g car parts)
  • Live or perishable goods (e.g foods, animals, animal parts, perishable foods)
  • All other DG classes and groups not mentioned in Limited Goods (see over) including motors containing fuels/liquids. 

See CouriersPlease DG Policy

  • Class 2.1 - Flammable Gas Packing Group II or III only. For Aerosols (UN1950) each receptable must not exceed 1 Litre, with a gross quantity limit of 1000kg per load. All other class 2.1 dangerous goods limited to 250kg per load.
  • Class 2.2 - Non-flammable, Non-Toxic gas, (Limited to 1000kg per load)
  • Class 5.1 - Oxidising Substances Limited to Health and Beauty Products; and Packing Group II or III
  • Class 9 - Miscellaneous DG's Asbestos Banned; Lithium Batteries by road only; other Class 9's Limited to Packing Group II or III



Unless you are shipping special goods or have special shipping requirements, you are able to tap into CouriersPlease services yourself from within the Shippit UI.

Simply navigate to your Settings>Carriers and toggle ON CouriersPlease.

Note: the CouriersPlease Drop-off service requires activation - see full process here.

What are special goods or special shipping requirements?

If you are shipping any of the below, please contact to activate your account before shipping

  • dangerous goods
  • bulky, palletised freight
  • consolidated freight (bulk shipments)
  • liquids i.e non DG liquids, paints, beverages etc

  • alcohol
  • fragile goods i.e glass, ceramics etc

  • dispatching high volumes of freight daily
  • dispatching from shopping centres and docks

Can I bring my own carrier account (BYO)? 

Yes absolutely, if you prefer see our integration guide here.


Pickup & Collection

Cancelling an Order

Orders need to be cancelled from within the Shippit UI. Simply locate the order in your store account and select cancel order in the drop down menu.

Cancellation Timeframes

  • If cancelled >24 hours from collection date you will be charged if the driver has already been called out and no goods are handed over. 
  • If cancelled <24 hours from collection date and no other goods are collected, you will be charged a futile fee.

Rebooking an Order

Please contact Shippit support via our Delivery Launcher within the UI or Get Help

Collection Times

Drivers operate on run schedules so a specific time cannot be given however collection can happen anywhere up until 6pm usually.

If you have a regular pickup arrangement in place, you can expectc daily collections. Otherwise please allow 1-3 days for collection.

Contacting Drivers

This carrier does not currently offer direct phone numbers for its drivers. 

Please contact Shippit support via our Delivery Launcher within the UI or Get Help

Pickup Schedules

For locations with high daily volume of bookings, please contact your Shippit Account Manager to discuss regular pickups.

If you experience issues with your daily collection arrangement, please  notify our support team who will escalate where required. In most cases, our support team is equipped to offer a back-up on demand pickup service.

Delivery FAQs

Authority To Leave

CouriersPlease currently default to contactless delivery i.e no physical signature is taken from the receiver.

ATL should only be actioned if authorised by the customer or receiver.

What is default ATL contactless delivery?

  • The receiver does not need to be home at the time of delivery.
  • The driver will deliver the package to a safe location (if available) without a signature.

How does the delivery process work?

  • The driver will knock or ring the bell, place the goods on the ground and step away.
  • If your customer is at the delivery address, the driver will only note the full name of the customer instead of obtaining a physical signature.
  • If the delivery address is unattended and the driver considers there to be a safe area to leave the goods, ATL will be followed and no name obtained.
  • Once the goods are left in a safe area, delivery drivers will do their best to make a note of the location or take a picture as proof of delivery however it is not guaranteed.
  • If the driver considers it not safe to leave goods unattended, they should return back to the depot where redelivery can be booked on a day the customer is home. The customer can choose to have it dropped to a collection point and collect it themselves or, the driver may also do this by default if one is nearby.

Collection Points

  • Drivers may deliver a package to a Popshop if the receiver is not home and hasn't provided ATL.
  • PopPoints have a pin code access, this code should be noted on the receiver's card. 
  • Once delivered to a Popshop redelivery is no longer possible unless it's being returned to sender.


Redelivery can be booked by the customer online once a delivery attempt has been made and a card received.


Redelivery to a new address can be booked by the customer online once a delivery attempt has been made and a card received.

Proof of delivery

  • POD should be recorded on CouriersPlease website once delivered.
  • CouriersPlease will on forward regional deliveries using a variety of carriers including Australia Post and Border Express. These PODS will take a longer to upload onto the website as it’s from a third-party provider.
  • CP holds tracking data for 2 years.

Return to Sender (RTS)

RTS can be requested from the carrier however we must be able to reach the driver before delivery. There is now a fee for this.

Packaging Guidelines


There is complimentary insurance when booking with CouriersPlease through Shippit, their policy details are:

  • includes coverage on the wholesale value of goods only up to $1000AU
  • does not include shipping, GST, excise, or customer returns & replacements.
  • attracts a $100AU deductible excess fee on all eligible claims. If the cost value of goods does not exceed $100AU you will be unable to recover the cost of goods.
  • full terms and conditions can be found here.

To protect the full retail value of your deliveries during transit, you can enable Shippit Transit Protection.


Public facing surcharges can be found on our website here.


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