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My order status hasn't changed
Updated over a week ago

My order is still within the delivery estimated date

To help take the stress out of shipping, we simplify the tracking experience with a few key status updates, but sometimes it may take a bit longer than normal for your parcel to arrive.

Your Shippit order link will update as soon as the courier scanning changes so your Shippit tracking link will keep you up-to-date.

My order has been 'In Transit' for longer than expected

We try to simplify the tracking experience by showing a few key shipping statuses, which means that we won't update you every time your package passes through another depot or facility. Often this may mean your parcel will spend a while In Transit as it passes through different checkpoints.

My order has been 'With Driver' for longer than 24 hours

Typically, packages onboard for delivery should be delivered within the same day. However, there may have been difficulties in finding your address or a driver may have hit a delay. Any deliveries missed by a driver are typically completed the next business day.

My order is 'Awaiting Collection'

Your driver attempted delivery but could not leave your package, so your parcel is now ready for collection at a local pickup location. Check your email inbox for instructions on collecting your package.

My order is now outside the estimated delivery date

Sometimes delays happen, but rest assured 93% of deliveries are usually completed within 3 business days of the expected date. Anything longer than this isn't normal and our team are on standby to help. Lodge an investigation with us here.

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