Scan to Search and Print
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Meet the faster way to confirm & label orders

Tired of wasting time matching printed shipping labels to orders when packing?

With Shippit's Scan to Print, you can confirm an order and print its label in one quick scan. This helps you pack and label individual orders faster, without switching screens or the extra clicks.
By scanning the same barcode on the packslip, Scan to Search helps you easily locate orders anywhere in Shippit.

​​​Scan to instantly print labels

Scan to Print lets you scan the barcode on Shippit's packslip to instantly confirm an order and print the label. This will automatically move it to the Ready to Ship screen.

Just select Print using the new search bar dropdown.

Scan to find an order anywhere in Shippit

Whether you're in New Orders, Ready to Ship or Track, you can now scan a packslip's barcode to quickly find the order.


Use Shippit's Packslip or your own

Whether you're using an external packslip or customer invoice, Scan to Search & Print will work with any barcode that shows the order number. Easily bulk download Shippit's packslips from New Orders.

Not using Packslips yet? Packslips make it easy for your team to pack the right items and to help your customers ensure their order is correct. Read our blog to learn more.

Why wait? Get started today.

To begin, you'll need to have Shippit's Instant Print set up on your workstation. With just 4 quick steps to set up, follow our set-up guide here.
If you're already using Shippit's Instant Print, you can head straight to our Scan to Search and Print support section to find out how to connect your barcode scanner or for information on recommended models.

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