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Tracking Orders with Multiple Parcels
Tracking Orders with Multiple Parcels
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For bookings delivered by Australia Post or Fastway with more than one parcel in the same order, customers will receive tracking notifications via email and/or SMS for the following shipping states:

  1. When one or more packages are first scanned as 'In Transit'

  2. When one or more packages are 'With Driver' for delivery

  3. When a driver attempts to deliver one or more packages and sends us a 'Delivery Attempted' scan

  4. When one or more packages are dropped off at collection point and is 'Awaiting Collection'

  5. The first time one or more packages are first scanned as 'Completed'. If there are still packages yet to be delivered, a 'Partially Completed' notification is sent

These notifications will link to a tracking page which displays the individual tracking history for every package in the order.

Your customers will also receive an email when all packages are delivered, marking the order as complete. This email will also request a rating for their delivery.

Your team can also identify if an order has multiple packages on the Track page. An order with a β€˜!’ icon indicates that one of the packages in the order is in one of the following states:

  • delivery attempted

  • return to sender

  • cancelled

  • customs on hold

  • customs awaiting payment

  • customs failed

  • invalidated

  • delivery failed

  • pick up failed

  • damaged

  • lost

  • insufficient address

  • return booking failed

If you are already using Australia Post or Fastway, this setting will be enabled by default if you are shipping more than one parcel per order. That means no action is required for you to take advantage of this feature!

We're actively working on adding more carriers that can take advantage of this feature, so we'll keep you updated as the list grows!

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