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Release notes

June 2024 - Shippit new features, updates, and change log

Updated this week

These release notes are for June, 2024.

🪧 This release contains new features and bug fixes since the last release.

Highlighted Updates

Shippit is excited to announce these important new features.

Shippit Insights, Advanced Reporting

Introducing Shippit Insights, Advanced Reporting, a series of data-rich dashboards designed to give you and your teams unparalleled visibility into your shipping and delivery operation.

Designed in consultation with leading retailers across ANZ, our dashboards feature 250+ actionable metrics, intuitive visualisations, and self-serve tools for data analysis, empowering you and your teams to:

  • Uncover new ways to cut costs and drive efficiencies

  • Understand how shipping generates eCommerce growth and customer loyalty

  • Turn shipping and delivery into a business enabler

Shippit New Zealand

We’re expanding our carrier integrations in New Zealand to support +95% coverage with New Zealand’s leading carriers. This includes support for bulky deliveries, on-demand and overnight delivery within islands, and two-day delivery between North and South Islands.

Our ready-to-go carrier accounts with Aramex, Kiwi Oversize, Uber, and more, allow you to access market-leading rates, logistics consulting, and in-house delivery support, without having to negotiate your own carrier accounts.

Learn more at

Complete list of updates

Complete change log

Bug fixes:

  • Text based ZPL label shows wrong barcode information.

  • Shopline bug during on-boarding

  • Deleted eParcel quotes still exist in quotes table

  • Tracking number is getting re-generated several times for an order under certain circumstances

  • Stuck orders cron picking up priority orders

  • Enabling returns doesn't seem to update the returns_enabled field

  • Unable to request a return if some items have been returned

  • Dropoff return order incorrectly marked as "Return Requested"

  • Fix expandable in returns portal

  • Cancelling BYO orders from track tab should send courier cancellation

  • Text area in Shippit UI has double purple and blue border

  • Multi-product returns fail to quote

  • Fix issue where return charge is fetched for undefined return method

  • Capture order and label sync event history, even when we encounter a failure

  • Fix false positives for connect ui static code analysis

  • Surface better errors on v3 label to distinguish different states

  • Fix incorrect state of return dropoff order


  • Shippit now generates labels for partial shipments in PVX

  • Use deadweight instead of max of volumetric or dead weight to find the correct product specs

  • Update operators to support negation logic in rules engine

  • Sunsetting In Xpress

  • Allied Scan Events Mapping Updates

  • Move to using token auth over basic auth.

  • Scope Company name on label to only eParcel

  • Update QR code generation to comply with new guidelines

  • Add NZ couriers to merchant-facing Carrier Settings

  • Upgrade connect-shopify to Shopify API version 2024-04

  • Cin7: Add support for invoice date on Shipments

  • Implement "Draft Order" Management in PeopleVox/Connect for Enhanced Order Processing

  • Allow shippit stores without an active shippit integration to be re-assigned to another account

  • Auto-scaling configuration

  • Add instances of shippit carriers to the app bundle

  • Use SRI merchant courier DDP attribute for determining if an order has landed cost

  • Update API /GET settings for return in store

  • Add PH PUDO locations for NJV

  • Mute returns confirmation email for dropoff orders

  • Pass courier job ID/tracking ID to OMS

  • Turn on DHL eComm for Thailand

  • Update Ninjavan Service Auth to cater for PH and ID

  • Update NJV Pudo Location for Indonesia

  • Display correct currency in returns portal

  • Update NJV Serviceability and Rates for PH & ID

  • Update carrier-ninja-van to allow pickup in PH & ID

  • Add return_method to returns order webhook

  • Make Customer Initiated Returns work for PH and ID

  • Add support for "expiration_date" in the returns request response

  • Fill returns details based on query params

  • Display returns ID on confirmation page

  • Display returns shipping cost in portal flow

  • Add refund method to return settings

  • Display refund method settings

  • Display refund method/s in return portal

  • Update submit order API to store pudo location id

  • Satchel Code Mapping

  • Retry CreateReturnsRequest if custom integration endpoint does not return 200

  • Add return in store method to the returns portal UI

  • Cancel return orders when return request is rejected

  • Setup SNS Topic, Notifications and Subscriptions

  • Enable PlainLabel for returns

  • Create new Page Viewed Event for Recipients Page

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