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Service Suitability.

New Zealand Post has recently acquired ownership of Courier Post, Pace and Rural Post and collectively their services function under the one brand New Zealand Post (NZ Post).

NZ Post provide a cost effective delivery solution across New Zealand for satchels and small cartons.


Service Type NZ Post Courier-Post NZ Post Courier-Post Express
Service Level Standard. Standard.
Dead Weight Limit  <25 kgs <25 kgs
Cubic Volume Limit 

<0.125 m3

<0.125 m3

Max Length <1.50 m <1.50 m
Pallets No. No.
Dangerous Goods With approval only. With approval only.
Liquids Limited. Limited.
Food Yes. Yes.
Perishable Goods No. No.
BYO available Yes. Yes.


Freight Suitability.

NZ Post is able to transport some types of dangerous goods, in limited quantities for pre-approved customers only.

Please contact your Shippit Account Manager or Support Team if you plan to ship any of the below mentioned goods as you need approval before shipping on our account. 

NOTE: should our account be used to ship dangerous or prohibited goods without prior approval, we may need to suspend or cancel your account.


What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are classified into nine hazard classes by the UN (United Nations) and reflected in the  IATA Dangerous Good Regulations.

Dangerous goods are substances or articles with hazardous properties which, if not handled correctly, may:

  • Explode
  • Asphyxiate
  • Burn
  • Poison
  • Corrode skin or metals
  • Pollute the environment
  • Become unstable with other products

When shipping DGs, you must have them:

  1. Have someone properly certified in DG signing off on the shipments
  2. Approved by Shippit/the carrier before shipping
  3. Packaged and labelled correctly
  4. Accompanied by a MSDS or SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet)



Prohibited Goods.

The below can not be shipped under any circumstance.

See a full list of prohibited items here.





Additional prohibited items

  • Any item that is not sufficiently packaged to withstand a 1.2m drop.
  • Any item that is classified as Restricted under our terms and conditions where you have not complied with the conditions of carriage for that item.


Restricted Goods.

The below DG can be shipped with prior approval only. 

You must comply with the conditions of carriage for each category that applies to your item.






Can I ship alcohol?

  • Yes however limitations apply, see above.
  • Valid 18+ID must be provided by the receiver at the time of delivery. If the receiver does not have the relevant ID, the order will be returned to the depot for redelivery or returned to sender. 
  • The driver under goes specific training in order to deliver alcohol and reserves the right to refuse delivery due to insufficient ID.
  • Authority to leave (safe drop) is not available with these types of deliveries.

Do they accept heavy or bulky freight?

  • No, weight & size limits apply (see above).
  • Any under-declared goods will be invoiced by Shippit accounts once the courier has charged for the corrected weight.


How to activate.

Currently, you will not be able to simply turn on NZ Post within Shippit. 

You will need to contact our Configuration team for further assistance by emailing 

Please allow up to one week for account activation however it is normally quicker.


Can I bring my own carrier account?

If you would prefer to use your own carrier account please email and provide the following information.

Once received, please allow 3 to 4 days for configuration to be completed. Your Shippit configuration specialist will confirm via email once it's ready to go!

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • Account Number - unique account number for your business, provided by NZ Post
  • Site ID - unique location of each location
  • Prefix - Prefix for the barcode range
  • API Key - Unique API key identifying your account with NZ post
  • Client Secret  - The secret provided by NZ Post
  • NZ Post Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email and contact number


Pickup & Collection.

Cancel or rebook a pickup.

  • You can cancel any standard orders from within the Shippit app so long as it remains in Booked For Delivery status. Once the order is in transit, it will be charged at full price.
  • To rebook a pickup, please contact Shippit support who will reach out to the carrier for you.
  • You are not charged to rebook a failed pickup unless the order has been futiled by the carrier (the driver has tried to collect and unable to).

Collection times.

Please allow 1 business day for collection.

Contacting Drivers.

If you need to discuss your collection please contact Shippit support directly.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there an option for authority to leave?

Yes, ATL can be applied at checkout or when the receiver books redelivery online.


Are redeliveries and redirection (new address) possible?

Yes, as long as the parcel hasn’t been loaded into the delivery van, you can redirect it to another address within 75km free of charge.


Does NZ Post have collection points?

Yes, parcels can also be delivered directly to one of over 300+ Parcel Collect locations nationwide, so the receiver can pick them up where and when it suits.

They have the option to set this up on their NZ Post account online.


Packaging Guidelines.

You'll find our recommended packaging guidelines here.


Is there insurance available?

There is no complimentary insurance when booking with this carrier through Shippit. This means no claims for compensation can be lodged in the event something gets broken or goes missing.

To protect the full retail value of your deliveries during transit, you can enable Shippit Transit Protection.






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