Shippit processes millions of orders every month, and we understand the relationship between the delivery Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) that is provided by the carrier, and the actual delivery times that occur. We are well-positioned to leverage that knowledge to provide a better representation of what the actual delivery ETA might be for customers tracking their orders.

How it works

Under normal circumstances, the ETA for delivery is based on what is provided by the carrier when quoting. It is this ETA that is provided on the Shippit tracking page for each order and is normally static and does not change.


Meeting the quoted delivery time is not always accurate, and this can be frustrating for customers. To set better expectations and to alleviate some of the concerns about the actual delivery time, our new service will provide a data-driven delivery estimate on our tracking pages for the carriers supported.

Based on the suburb of the pickup and delivery address for particular carriers, Shippit is able to use other similar orders from the previous period to compare against the quoted delivery time estimate from the carrier.

For example, if a certain carrier had quoted a 24-hour delivery but the majority of their deliveries in the last week to that route/region actually took closer to 48-hours, we are able to display that delivery window on the tracking page instead. In this scenario, the delivery ETA would be increased by 24-hours.

In addition to this, if we become aware of any major delays for any of the supported carriers across any particular route/region (e.g. major accidents, flooding, covid-related issues, etc), we are able to update the delivery estimates for those carriers as needed. For example, we may be informed by the carrier that the aforementioned route/region may see an additional delay of 3 days.

In total, that is now an additional 4 days for delivery ETA on top of what was originally quoted.


Shippit has the ability to dynamically account for all of these and will display our data-driven delivery ETA on the tracking page.

Supported Carriers

See the following for a list of Australian domestic carriers that are currently supported

Carrier Availability
Fastway ✅ Supported
Couriers Please ✅ Supported
Allied Express ✅ Supported
Allied Road Express Overnight ❌ Not Available
Aramax AU NZ 🚧 Available Soon
Bonds Express ❌ Not Available
DHL eCommerce ❌ Not Available
Direct Couriers ✅ Supported
Direct Freight Express 🚧 Available Soon
eParcel 🚧 Available Soon
Hunter Express 🚧 Available Soon
4PX Standard 🚧 Available Soon
Team Global Express Priority B2C ✅ Supported
TNT 🚧 Available Soon
Team Global Express IPEC ✅ Supported
TNT Overnight ✅ Supported
Startrack 🚧 Available Soon
StarTrack Premium 🚧 Available Soon
SEKO Logistics 🚧 Available Soon
SEKO Logistics Express 🚧 Available Soon
Yello On Demand ❌ Not Available

Note: Non-Australian domestic carriers and international carriers are not currently supported but may be supported in the future

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